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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 8, 2008 3:33 PM Flag

    why the heck is Mike Richards not on IR?!!!

    why?! I don't wanna drop him

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    • Understandably, my leagues rules are more lax. No one goes crazy with add/drop to maximize games played b/c we all know each other. The comish was dumb in setting the rules how they are but it still requires skill.

      We all obied by the same rules thus its just as hard for each of us. I DONT want DTD to become IR but i want long term injuries to be fair for all players. I have played yahoo before im just under a new account. I always compete for the top and I actually enjoy different rules because I like coming up with different strategies. As long as we all have the same advantages/disadvantages im cool. This isnt so in regards to the IR tho.

      Hopefully, Yahoo will give us the choice next year but I wont hold my breath.

    • I think the general concensus among veteran fantasy players is that most of the time when someone complains about the system, there is an element of trying to aleviate some of the skill.

      Begging for more position elegibility is one example.

      Removing maximum games (though legal in private leagues) is another example.

      And wanting IR status for DTD players is another.

      All these things would remove challanging aspects of the game.

      I stated before that the spirit of the game is changing from best overall team to who can maximize the amount of games your team can play.

      I guess that's what you want. And I understand that all you want is for Yahoo to give private leagues an option.

      We'll see what Yahoo decides. Good luck.

    • Haha I saw those posts as well. Good times.


    • If I was Yahoo, I wouldn't want to bother trying to figure out which players are injured, or are healthy scratches, or are away for personal reasons, or are just DTD.

      I view it like it's a gamble, just like whether a player is hot down the stretch or not.


    • I put the Team IR. It was totally tongue in cheek referring to some other postings just recently that became comical in their irrationality. Wow, that was a lot of big words!!

    • I know we have beaten this to death and i realize that yahoo probably wont change but....

      DTD and other injuries like that are to be expected. When a player has a known injury (with a MEDICAL TIMELINE) its stupid in my opinion that we must wait untill the "GM" puts a player on the ir. I dont think it would be that hard to make decions based on news reports nore do i think it would be as controversial and detrimental as it currently is. I understand its fantasy which is based on real life but the ir in the NHL is completely different then the one in yahoo. People will lose/win leagues due to this.

      I have richards but i cant drop him b/c im in a keeper league. I have alfredson but I dont expect anything special in that situation. I dont have a solution and the solutions i have herd arent too good. If I had to choose id say that yahoo should decide on a few players when the teams do not respond.

      With 10 games left in the year I should be thinking of the $350 im going to get, but now a 19pt lead is down to 9.5 and im a bit concerned. I have lost points in the powerplay mostly and guess who was my best PP guy? Not crying or bitchen but I believe NEXT YEAR could be more efficient. Some will agree some wont- in the end yahoo wont do anything so its all academic.

    • How many times must we go over this situation. Do you not pay attention to anything??!!! Until a player is placed on their teams IR they will not be on IR according to YAHOO.

    • he comes back next weekend

    • Call the flyers GM and ask. He is the only one who can answer that question. if you have a lot of money you could bribe him or pay the contract of the player they call up to take his place. Just a thought...or just tuck him away on your bench like everyone else!

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      • Richards going to the IR: It probably won't happen. Look at the timeframe of his return, they were saying he's due back the 15th.. that's only a week away. The Flyers are either gonna do what Ottawa did with Heatley earlier this season (put him on IR for a day or two as we get closer to his return date), or the more likely option, which is the Flyers just leaving him off IR !

        I dunno, I found it funny that he wasn't even DTD during this whole time at LEAST ! Oh well, I'm one of the few who has held onto him and is anxiously waiting his return.


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