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  • Steve-o Steve-o Mar 4, 2008 5:12 AM Flag

    Ovechkin = Best Player In the NHL

    Maybe alot of Canadians and Crosby fans don't want to admit it, but Ovechkin is the Best Player in the NHL period.

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    • crosbys garbage he doesnt do anything but sit out there and do dives and cry to the ref every time someone touchs him the team is still in first without him ovechkin is singlehandly carrying his team on his back and before those few trades they made he had no one to hlep him unlike crosby

    • Anyone who attributes "Best Player" to most goals, assists, or both, is a jackass. Some players might be 3rd and 2nd in those categories, or 2nd and 5th, or what have you, and kill 5on4's and 5on3's, and I'd consider THAT player the best player. One such player is Daniel Alfredsson. I believe Vincent Lecalvier does the same. But, let's stop being morons and going on stupid crap like purely stats, and discuss attributes that you can't read in Yahoo's half assed profile. Losers.

    • right now he is the best hands down, i don't like to admit a russian is, but look at the scoring race he leads the next Canadian by 10 points :O

    • ovechkin is the best and the most dynamic player in the NHL. he scores almost at will and is a pretty good passer. he is very physical, and you dont need to fight to be tough. crosby is flashy and is a great passer, but not a great finisher. last season look who crosby played with and look at ovechkins team. he posted 106 and 92 points in his 1st 2 seasons with shit all on his team. last year semin emerged as the 2nd best player on the caps, yet he barely played on the same line. anyone on crosbys line last year was better than any caps player not named alex. maybe that will justify the 30 point difference. and with sid out, the pens barely lost a beat. who carried them? malkin. he is definately capable of carrying a team on his back. crosby benefited from having linemates. and now that ovechkin has legit guys to play on his line (nylander, kozlov, backstrom) he is atop the NHL scoring race. and not to mention fleury last season was a much better goalie than kolzing. so basically a better team got pitts to the playoffs, not crosby. if he was the best player in the NHL, where was his magic vs ottawa? "oh he scored 4 goals in the playoffs." yeah and 3 of them when ottawa was winning by 4+ goals.

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      • Why do you think Crosby's line mates were so good last year? BECAUSE HE MADE THEM BETTER. It is obvious that a key trait to a great player is he makes those around him better...that's a fact in every sport. Johnathan Cheechoo ring any bells? Do you honestly think he would score 50+ goals if Joe hadn't been feeding him?

        Fact is, Crosby is simply the best player in the NHL. Crosby would be leading the league in points (look at his PPG average...63 points in 43 games)...1.37 which leads the league. It could arguably be higher with the emergence of Malkin, which was inevitable even if Crosby stayed healthy. It was Malkin's first year in North America, and he missed training camp last year.

        And you can't just base a players value on points...Crosby is the better all around player as he is a great playmaker, has a good scoring touch (can easily score 40 goals, which I think is pretty good), plays in all 3 zones, and is also "tough" (Ference scrap anyone?).

        By the way, Crosby's rookie season, he played with shit players too and still hit 100+ points.

    • i personally think crosby is the best but hes not superior to ovechkin by much

    • I disagree. I think Lubavor Visnovski is the best player in the NHL.

    • this thread is gay like guelph ontario

    • ovechkin is the best scorer in the nhl..not the best player. i wouldn't even say that corsby is, even though he might be one of my favorite players ever. i woudl have to go with vinny lecavalier, since he is on a shit team and still is going to get about 100 points this year. not only does he make the terrible players around him (sans St. Louis) much better, but he is also a leader, and he fights people too... i dont knwo about you but i dont see ovechkin fighting anyone. and dont give me that bullshit about thats why they have brashear, the pens have laraque to protect crosby and the lightning have Roy, and yet they both fight, well crosby, only once, but they both have been in fights. and im pretty sure vinny even kicked iginla's ass in the playoffs. So yeah VINNY!

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      • Vinny is also on the Penelty kill....crosby isnt, not too sure about Alex, but im guessing hes not.

      • There is more to this question than just Sid. I have yet to hear anyone hear mention Malkin. Some analysts stated at the time that Malkin was the best player coming out of that draft. I think it was Melrose who predicted the Penguins to go down the shittter when Crosby went down, looks like Malkin is doing a fine job. I don't know that anyone can be declared the absolute best player in the NHL all of the guys listed are definitely on a hole different level than the rest. This reminds me of the arguments about Gretzky and Mario. They all deserve the kudos for what they can do on the ice.

    • Oh yea. No doubt.

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