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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 3, 2008 5:29 AM Flag

    Hey, Yahoo! We all want personal team IR's!

    Im going to try and put this as simple and nicely as possible. Yahoo is not going to change this. EVER. If you have a guy like Richards, then you need to "nut up" and make a decision. Drop him or sit on him but that's the way it is. If you drop him, no one else is likely going to pick him up to sit on the bench so if you play it right you can get him back later, if you're on the ball.

    Fantasy sports are ALL dependent on what the real leagues do, so every person has to deal with it. They are not going to bother to change something like this because inevitably someone would complain about that too. It is what it is. Dont spend energy trying to do something useless. Just deal with it and move on.

    As for "everyone" wanting this....I dont, so please be careful with the words you put in others mouths. I had Richards, I dropped him and picked up a useful player. He's still sitting in free agency and if the word comes, I'll be there to get him and if I dont, Oh well.....its not the end of the world. The point of the fantasy hockey is to do what you can with the players available as listed by their professional teams. And we all know this going on, or we should.

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    • so give the comissioner the choice. im in a privet keeper league and if i drop richards he WILL be grabbed. make the rules normal in public leagues and give US the option for extra IR rules. FAIR?

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      • well, I understand your dilemna, however it still isnt going to change Yahoo's rules. And you think the veto power is bad, imagine a clown commissioner with the ability to IR guys so they can pick and choose someone else. If you trust your commish, that's great, but Yahoo would be opening up a headache to change any rules now. If you do this, then they'll be people saying "hey make it so that shootout goals are game winners....I know you changed the IR thing already". They'd be dealing with WAY too much. So as it stands, it wont change, dont think it will and just deal with it. Everyone at some point, has to deal with an injury issue. I'd be more pissed at the Flyers for not IR'ing him than yahoo, lol.


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