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  • joseph p joseph p Mar 1, 2008 2:57 PM Flag

    Yahoo and the IR?

    Yahoo has the resources to know whos on the IR. I get the fact that they wait for the team to put someone on the IR but its stupid that when everyone is 100% sure that someones injured that they dont just put them on the IR. If a team like philly is injured a tonne then a guy like Richards just sits idle at a key point in the season. I lost forsberg b/c of this and now i needed to drop someone to pick up a FA before hes taken.

    YAHOO Please revisit this for next year if your reading.

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    • Sounds to me like you are in the formative stages of making a "Don't Draft" list of injury prone players, and players of unknown status (like 'will I retire or not' types, for one). That is a good thing.

    • really? lots of extra spots huh? A team can only carry 23 players on their REAL active rosters. Pro teams deal with this all the time AND they have to worry about cap room.

    • IR definition could be different in the real world and Yahoo but it will take a while to set up, may be when Microsoft takes over and starts charging for everything, one licence per computer everyone...

      Meanwhile, I understand your dilemma but I think that if you play enough times, good and bad luck should even out. May be if you play in 2 leagues simultaneously you will find a lot more cases where other people had to drop players and you picked them up...

    • hey buddy im trying to have a discussion here. If you dont agree with me give ur opinion and move on. I just took a quick look at the messages you've been posting and in the majority of them you are putting people down. Does that make you feel better about what ever issue you have? Do you read forums to rip on people? If you can help, help if not piss off.

      P.S. insult + insult + insult +"this is not a rip on you+ insult = Major issues buddy


    • We are just the very/very little man/woman assigned my friend... Yes our hands are tied.... Who are we kidding... Thanks..

    • True but they get tones of cash from stat tracker and ads every time we log in.

    • Ah... money. The root of all evil.

      Well this is where things get complicated. Yahoo does provide a "fuller" pay league for baseball and maybe some other sports I haven't played. But not for the less popular hockey. If you want service, ya gotta pay. I think ESPN and CBS have a premium "pay for service" fantasy hockey site. Couldn't tell you what they offer.

      I don't want to pay for Yahoo fantasy hockey. So if they feel that to provide a more elaborate game they must charge, than I and many others might just take a pass.

    • Good point! Seems a little excessive though as management of a fantasy team is hijacked due to other injuries or contractual/managerial issues. Not to hard to fix too! Am i alone on this one?

    • Im not asking for anything this year so i dont see how im whining. I could just as easily benefit from this next year. I just think it should be looked at closer.

    • Yahoo puts guys on IR when they are placed on IR in the NHL. If the hockey team decides not to place a player on IR, then Yahoo should, and does follow. This is how the real life teams manager thier teams, and this is how Yahoo deems that these games can be close to real life team management.

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