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  • Jeremy Pearson Jeremy Pearson Feb 23, 2008 12:59 AM Flag

    Kinda Irks me

    although I know its a perfectly legitimate stratagy does it bother anyone else when a team drafts 3 good goalies and then uses the wavier wire anywhere between 300-500 times in the season for half decent players to make sure that he has guys playing every night? Although I know this can backfire with +/- that is the only thing it can backfire for and its really not what the waiver wire was ment for. I think there should be a cap on the number of waiver wire transactions allowed by a team each year.

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    • ya, that is pretty dum. We had that problem at the start of our league, the guy who is in first did that for the first month...and he is in first, and has been ever since.
      Do I think it was directly related to that fact?...probably not as he has a pretty good team, but it probably helped him get a head start to the season.

      We put in a cap after the first month and a bit limiting the moves to 40 for the season, that definitely slowed thinsg down a bit - we have a fairly active league, so it was a good thing to do!

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      • haha I thought about that strategy b4 and i thought I invented it... Find a better league, tell him hes a loser. if ur second feel better about ur team. as long as money isint involved dont be to pissed. im in a pool with friends and a 350 fist prize so i didnt go that root out of respect....

        another thing i think i invented is drafting a good goalie and dropping or trading him after a few games with great #s. you'll end last in wins and SO but 1st in sv%, GAA, and loses. its a risk and in my league i have more goalie points doing it the right way cuz im a genius but its also safe cuz u can play more forwards then the rest of the teams and grab sweet sleepers at the beginning of the season.

    • get in a max moves league. ours is usually 40 or 50.

    • just join a league with a maximum amount of moves...mine is 40 and once you hit that you cant trade or add/drop any more players for the season

    • you know whats worse. when you send guys trades and they are pretty fair trades. the other manager never takes the trade. we have a pool with a bunch of guys from work and a few other guys that we know and almost no one makes trades. Like today I sent out a trade offer to the second last place team. Really I am only getting one good guy out of it and I am losing 3 good guys. But my plan is to pick up Fleury off waivers and take Crosby out of my IR. So I need to make room for them. You would think he would be all over it, especially since the 3 players I sent him have more fan points and have been much hotter lately than 5 guys on his roster. No he turns it down, lol. Managers that dont make moves and just sit back and watch their team sh*t the bed bother me alot more.

    • B ... i didn't get your invite. Just read it here. I usually don't join leagues that i don't know the commish. But i'm interested in a weekly h2h league, as long as you promise not to lock my team & take all my good players..just kidding. Sign me up, as i have an opening next year.

    • But would not ever drop my core, thats idiotic. One should draft well and not have tpo worry of all positions filled daily.

    • I make several moves though usually from injury or let down players. It takes the fun away if you just fill your roster daily. I usually have maybe one or two slots I'll move frequently to pick up streakers. Usually that is the flop [player position or just the guy you took on a unpanned out longshot. I may fill my roster once in awhile, though that is only if I am being blown away,lol.

    • The overall leader in h2h has made 1060 moves.I was worried that Iwas being overzealous with 41 moves in one of my leagues.

    • i think what you need is a competitive league. if the max games are limited the streamer will be hurt very quickly by others picking up his best players. still it's difficult to gain an edge in a roto league even if the league is not competitive.

      as for h2h leagues... that's why i don't play them, you really need to know that it's competetive otherwise some streamer is going to get an unfair advantage...

    • Interesting. I didn't think of how different it is doing this in a deep-drafted league vs. a shallow-drafted league. It seems like this would be way easier and more effective to do in a not-as-deep league.

      It seems less sportsman-like in the easier scenario, no? Simply because there are many decent players still available? Is it more sportsmanlike if you are just trying to find serviceable players, holding onto the ones that have sustained increases in their NHL team roles? For instance those who picked up, say, Mike Green, Dustin Byfuglian, maybe Joel Perrault or Ville Koistinen.

      Just spiffballing here. I just really like this topic.

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      • There is nothing wrong with it. If you are in a shallow league with players like Malone and Horton sitting on the waiver wire, you should definitely change it next year to have a max move limit.

        We changed our league to have a max moves of 100. At 10 guys this year, it seemed inappropriate to leave it unlimited. I still occasionally make add/drops to help bolster 'shots on goal' and hope for some goals and assists if I am behind. People on here seem vehemently against this, but its just managing your team, and everyone is allowed to do it.

        Its comes down to how much day-to-day team upkeep you are willing to tolerate. If you want one line-up per week, then join a league that way. If you want to scout every night, then do that. The in between is a max moves limit, and for us, its been working our great. No one has more than 50 or less than 20.

        - Kyle

      • Hey Pickleheadedmonster, apologies for going off topic, but was wondering if you would like to join a H2H league next year that I'll be running. You've been recommended, as I've been inviting people that I feel that are knowledgeable, active and would play fairly.

        I have WildDingo, Punch, King of Kings, and dfg on board so far. Have invited others (bonchprof, Prof Chaos, Puckhog) and considering inviting a few more.

        Basic details: H2H, 10-12 teams, lineups set weekly, a few more categories than public, min goalie starts, etc.

        Would you be interested? If so, please email: europebn@yahoo.ca with the subject 'Yahoo Fantasy Hockey 08/09' and I'll add you to the list.

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