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    Crap commish

    I am in first place in a head to head league.The commish-who I think is a kid is in last place and doesnt put in a lineup.He then trades his 4 best players to a team that is near the middle of the pack for that teams 4 worst.I posted that we should veto this bullshit trade-next thing I know my team is locked out of everything.THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!Now somebody told the commish that should not have happened an that person got locked out.Anything be done about this.The league is Canam Allstars-his mgr name-rcmp-his e-mail-tazknowssports@Yahoo.com

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    • Can I turn anything into Yahoo-Ill never join a league that I dont know who the punk kids are

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      • Years ago, when I first started, another very good player and myself ran into a similar moron as a commissioner...but he was in first at the time, and arranged a killer deal for him to win. I was in fourth at the time and climbing, and the other player was in fifth. (14 team league) We were both closing but the deal was so blatantly one-sided...it could only mean one thing...flat out cheating.

        What we did, was send a private email to ALL members of the league, and dropped our entire rosters into the pool, (knowing that the commish had a crappy waiver priority)...We both kept an anxious eye on the league, just to make sure that the commish didn't win it...he didn't...he ended up in 6th.

        In retrospect, the standings of that league has always hurt my profile rankings...of which they didn't have that in 2001. Little did we know...still, out of principle...the commish SHOULD have to pay, and that's what we chose to do!


    • its a hockey pool, bud. who cares, stick to public leagues........if this is your biggest beef in life, I wish I was you.

    • Common on people what to do-this idiot could commish your league!!!!!

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      • Sorry. Not much can be done, apart from trying to talk some sence into him. Unless you can somehow convince him to turn over his commish powers to someone else in the league, you are screwed.

        Yahoo will not get involved in private leagues. If you were in a Public League, Yahoo would have stepped in, reversed the trade, and locked this moron out of the league.
        But only if someone registers a complaint.

        That's always the risk you take when you join a pool with a stranger commish. Next year, be more selective and wary.


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