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  • Chris Chris Feb 21, 2008 5:16 PM Flag

    Elias for Toews vetoed?


    I'm in first place in a h2h league with standard point settings. I offered a trade to the guy in last place, Elias for his Toews. It was accepted and then vetoed by my league. I posted a message on the board there to ask why, since I figure this to be a pretty fair trade given the two players' stats. I was shocked to see that the main reason for the veto was the fact that I am in first and the guy I'm trading with is in last.

    Here is what the commish said:
    "At this point, when the last place guy has absolutely no chance of making the playoffs, it doesn't really matter if the trade is fair or not. Any trade that has the potential of benefiting a team that's in the playoff running is probably going to be vetoed by the other teams in the running. So unless the trade is between two 'top' teams or two 'bottom' teams, I don't think it's gonna be allowed. "

    Just wondering what everyone thought about this.

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    • unfortunately some people are jealous because 1) they either didnt think of trying to bargain first and 2) they just cant stand to see someone in first to get better...
      personally i dont think the commish should ever let it be voted on by the league there should be one person makin the decisions ... so thank your commish for screwin ya lol

    • That's the hazards of the trade veto setting and interpretation of the rules where trades are suppose to benefit both teams. In this case, the league has simply use mob rule to keep you within their reach, and have chosen to interpret benefit in a self serving way. It is a stretch to say that 'benefit must be equal' in such a way that only teams with a legit shot at the cup playoff seeds can trade with one another. It seems to me that if the stats are comparable and any change in position eligibility doesn't create an overall team imbalance-- that is the best understanding of mutual benefit. It cannot be said that a last place team has nothing to play for, because if he wants to do better in the consolation playoffs he should not be restricted as the commish suggests. But it will be difficult to get the league to see it this way. Your only recourse is to appeal to Yahoo! using the commish's own words. Yahoo! may agree with you.

    • It could have been malkin for heatley, it should not have mattered who or which player!!!!!!!

    • Looks to me like you're giving up and you're on top. See no reason why trade wouldn't be allowed.

      I agree with factoring in standings in trades, but this one isn't relevant.

    • i'm the commish of my league, which is private, and the only trade that got vetoed was Dennis Wideman straight up for Nick Lidstrom, and that was because the kid who was getting lidstrom bought him off theo ther kid for $80. The other managers in your league are a bunch of girls, and seem a bit insecure about their teams...tell them all to trade with the basement teams to supplement their rosters too. Then call them mouthbreathers. That should work.

    • it should go through

    • Time to join another league. Your competition sounds like a bunch of babies. Commish sounds pretty stupid too.

    • I'm in the same league - - and I vetoed.

      I vetoed because I didn;'t think it was going to be fair. Only I thought that the other guy was gettin ripped off. I think that Toews is going to be much more valuable than Elias....but after reading this post, I do stand corrected. I just think that Elias won't keep up his current streak, and I think T oews will only get better - especially with Williams coming back. - - maybe I put too much value on Toews

      That being said, I do think it's pretty gay about teh reason that our commish vetoed - and I would be interested to hear what the other vetoers said (the others haven't replied).

      This is a pretty touchy issue, but I don't think that the commisioner should have the final decission on trades, I like having the league as a whole being able to vote against trades, because one person may have a bias, or uneducated decission (like me on this trade).

      In any case...it does suck Chris - not the fact that it DID get vetoed, but because of the reason some of the people used to veto it....because I was going to try trading with the same person, just he accepted Chris's trade first.

    • i would have vetoed the trade 2 the trade is not fair toews might have even points toews did it in half the games than elias!

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      • Elias for Crosby would be reason for veto. Elias for Toews isn't unfair to the point where the league needs to step in.

        The issue here is whether or not a trade should be vetoed based on the standings of the two teams involved.

        Elias for Toews would not be vetoed if it was between the 1st and 2nd place teams. Therefore I believe that there is no reason for this trade to be vetoed in any case. Period.

        If people believe that this trade should be vetoed based on the conditions referred to, than why not go further and ban any transactions made by bottom teams that have been eliminated from playoff contention? Does that make sense?

    • your commi is a dumb noob, doesnt know how to make leagues at all

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