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    Good Grief!

    Why is it everyday there is another sally asking advice about what trade is good for them. How the hell do we know? You know your team, you know your league and you know what you need on your team. If You do not know if it is a good trade for your team then YOU should not be wasting our time with dumb questions.
    No offense but good grief it is getting a bit sad

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    • Yup, I agree. The posts that are detailed with league format, scoring system, team needs, etc. are fine though.

      But the most annoying/worst posts are:

      1. "Rate My Team" posts
      2. "Best Team Ever?" posts
      3. *The one I hate the most*- The posts that list their team and asks what trade they should make to make their team better. How should we know who's on the trading block and who can help your team???

    • Fair enough.....and yes there are some shall we say "novices" here

    • agreed. but kiss sucks. the stones version of 2000 man is better

    • If posts from people with lesser fantasy hockey knowledge than you, upset you so much then why do you read them?Not every one on here is an expert,some people just want to hear what other people think so they can make a more informed decision.Isn't that what these forums are for?If I can get advice from someone who is more knowledgable than myself I will.Even if it upsets some people or makes me look stupid.

    • I agree....to a point. Some trade posts are interesting, provoke good discussions and provide other perspectives on the players and teams involved. The only trade posts I respond to are the ones that clearly state the players involved, league format and statistical categories, as well other relevant information. I get annoyed when people post things like, "who can I get for this player" or "how can I get this player" or "should I trade this player" other such nonsense. But when someone has clearly given some thought to a potential trade, and posts a detailed explanation of the trade, there is no harm in asking for advice, and often you can learn something from other people's perspectives.

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      • Exactly, and they have to be meaningful trades. Like if someone was to come and ask Is Higgins for Gionta is a good trade? It doesn't seem like the type of trade that will make a difference. Plus if that's the only info they post, I'm probably inclined to choose the player I like more, not the player that will help their team more. With their info, you don't know which player is theirs, whether they were the one that proposed the trade, etc.

        I also love responding to people who post who they should start and then I'll watch the game and see my selection just bomb. Whoops.


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