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  • Hybrid17 Hybrid17 Jan 17, 2008 3:15 PM Flag

    I need some trade advice.

    I am in a H2H league and currently in 4th out of 12 place. I want to try to improve my team, so i came up with this idea.

    I trade:

    Zach Parise
    Brian Campbell
    Scott Hartnell

    I get:

    Dany Heatley

    Now I know under normal circumstances this is not gonna happen but with him being out for as long as he is his value is down and I would love the extra push he would give me come crunch time. The guy im looking to trade with is currently sitting in 10th and losing this week so i dont think he can afford to hold on to him.

    My team looks like this:

    P. Statsny
    M. Richards
    K. Huselius
    A. Semin
    J. Pominville
    J. Cheechoo
    N. Zherdev
    C. Pronger
    M. Schneider
    S. Neidermayer
    S. Souray
    R. Kesler
    J. Lagenbrunner
    R. Luongo
    R. Emery
    N. Backstrom-the goalie
    and on IR i got
    D. Carcillo
    M. Afinogenov
    Plus the three guys above.

    So do yah think this trade is possible or if its a good idea for me to do? Im really on the fence here and wanna know if this can get done. Thanx for the help!

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    • if im the owner of heatley in your league i am thinking who do i drop to make room for these players and are those players that much worse then the extra players i get from the trade. if i have an IR spot that's where i put heatley and that's where he satys. sorry dude!

    • The only way the other guy is going to take your scrubs is if at least two of them go right into the starting line-up and the other sits on the cusp.

      Of Pomminville, Schnieder and Afiniganov only Schnieder has any real value because even in his "slump" of the last three weeks, he's still an above average Dman. Pominville might be in the 5/6 spot but Afiniganov is barely bench depth.

      There is no way he is going to go for it. But it never hurts to ask.

    • Ok i live in Buffalo and am a sabres fan but the only sabre i have kept on my team is campbell, who might be traded to another team by trade time cause in the buffalo news he doesnt want to stay for what we offered him so keep campbell and parise but give him a trade like

      Scott Hartnell
      Jason Pominville
      M. Schneider

      Dan Heatley
      And a decent defense

      Like i said i would do this cause i live in buffalo and i know campbell will be going to another team cause he isnt taking are offer. And plus out of the three ANH def you got Schneider isnt putting points up. But that is me... i would grab heatley cause he will be back for a late push in longer leagues.

    • Trading for Heatly is too risky. You cant put all your eggs in 1 basket, especially if that basket has a separated shoulder. And you will lose all those points you will get from Parise who is getting hot again. Its not worth it for you to lose all the momentum you have in 4th place. I would play it out. Plus, Heatly might be out for longer than 6 weeks. And theres only like 10 weeks left in the season. And coming back from an injury like that is iffy to get right back in the swing of things and to produce efficiently. Stay strong and make the right coaching decisions. Always check to see if there is anyone better on the Add Players list. Godspeed!


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