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  • nycsal nycsal Dec 11, 2007 12:08 PM Flag

    FA waiver wire abuse ...feedback

    Punch, i don't think you hate me. i just think some of the things you said could have been phased much better. like some of your analogies.

    to answer you question about putting limits, most of (if not all) you can only set PRE-draft and some others that have been mentioned are Roto only. in H2H the highest you can set the limited at is 100, it won't let you set it any higher. as i stated, (and somewhat exaggerated to try to make my point for all those saying i was anti-steamer), there are usually 2 or 3 owner per season in my league that hit about 100 or just over. and it's usually an owner who's had alot of injuries or a bad team in that given year. plus approx 100 FA moves comes to like 3 moves a week. which to me doesn't seem TOO excessive. so, i have never set those limits before for 2 reasons. A) we've never had this problem before, so we were'nt prepared for it B) since i can only set it as high as 100, i didn't want to limit those who "need" it.

    i think there's a huge difference between 3 FA moves per WEEK and 5 or 6 FA moves per DAY. and to reiterate, you can't make setting changes like this once the fantasy season starts, i checked before i made the original posting. so that's what led me to ask for advice/opinion on what to do. all those suggestions will help for NEXT year, but little help now.

    additionally, i realize what's being done is Technically not against any rules. but i think the "court of law" reasoning is lame. there are many things that in this world that are not technically against the law, but as evolved people we Know not to do them. plus as i said before, this is a custom league with our nuances to it. now i think it's a reasonable to critize me about him not knowing about this to start, but as i explained before i wasn't able to contact him to inform him about this. and it wasn't for the lack of trying.

    i also find it somewhat interesting that i wrote and UPDATE, with what was my resolution to this (that only you Punch, seemed to see) and it's buried on the 4th page here, but the original post keeps lingering on the 1st page. i only mention that cause i think i explained myself a little better in that posting.

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    • Well, the other thread by the same name was getting to be too long and out of sequence. There was also a lot of people saying the same thing.

      OK Scott, since you love my analogies so much, here's one angle that may be more hockey related.

      Let me prefice, by stating that I am NOT a streamer. So when you are spewing your vitrol, address it to streamers.

      I equate streaming to...pulling the goalie for an extra attacker.

      If you think about it, it gives you extra oppertunities to add offence. Since there is no option to do so in Yahoo, streaming is the next closest thing. Remember, fantasy hockey is just a simulation of being a GM/Coach. There are still too many differences in real life and fantasy hockey.

      The streamer in Scott's league WAS taking it to an extreme as I feel it is best done in the begining when the rookies are being evaluated and the veterans are feeling the pinch. And at the end when you got little chance to win unless you try something.

      If you have a huge lead and are still streaming 3 players daily, than yes, you are ruining it for everyone.

      The other thing I find noteworthy, is that although Kev and Scott feel they are on the same page, they are really not. Kev feels it is too easy to win by excessive streaming. Scott's streamer was in 9th place (at one time. Don't know where he is now.) So Scott was probably annoyed at the fact that many of the worthy free agents had waiver periods to deal with.

      Also noteworthy was that the ratio of people who supported streamers against those who didn't was about 3-2 if not 2-1.

      There were also those who were willing to meet somewhere in the middle.


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