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  • Nichole Nichole Dec 10, 2007 11:15 PM Flag

    I need Help!!!!!

    Ok, so I'm the commish in my league. There are 8 teams all together. THe team that's currently in last place basically was just in it for the draft and hasn't really touched his team since then. He then accepted a trade that was completely lopsided, and not in his favor, but that was thankfully vetoed. Now today, I get home after going to the Sabres game tonight, and he dropped like 6 players, one of which was Crosby.

    I don't know what to do. I went in and put Crosby back on his team and then locked it so he can't do that again until I hash this whole thing out. After talking to one of the other managers in the league, they said that if he doesn't want to play, that's fine, but he can't just drop all his good players. Just don't touch it at all, and I agree.

    What do you think I should do? He also dropped Gomez, Guerin, Afinogenov, Jason Blake, and Elias. I only readded Crosby, as I was afraid that this would cause some sort of major upheavel in my team. Please give me some advice!!!!

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    • The islanders suck Bill Guarin is horrible

    • Just lock his team with no one in postion and it'll be a bye week for everyone, or leave his best players in position and let it ride locked. either way this guy is trying to help someone else, so block him out.

    • Lock all he's players. By doing that it will suspend him from the league. You can always cancel his trades!

    • Can you freeze his account? Then do a random draft with his players, and add them to everyone else team. (draw from a hate, or use your waiver ranks). Just change the roster size to 1 or 2 more UTIL spots per team.

      Hope that helps, I hate fags that ruin it for everyone else.!

    • This is the reason why there should be a can't cut list in your league and I don't know why you turned that off. Actually you could've bench his whole team. Like the other said you could find a replacement and emailed yahoo.

    • why would anyone in their right mind drop Crosby. this guy has a problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • you cn replace an owner, by going to the help button on the top right coner of the page, the click on rule and instruction and there will be Costumer Care button. if you click on that,, there's a form to fill out. at the space on the bottom of the page write that you need to replace an owner.

      you need to have a replacement ready before you do this. Yahoo will need the league ID #, the name of the team to be replaced and the Yahoo ID and E-mail of the new owner.

      i've had to do this twice this year myself. you can also try posting here to look for a replacement

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      • Thank you all for your replies. They've been very helpful. I tried contacting the owner in question last night before I made any changes and he didn't answer his phone. Since he doesn't seem to care and hasn't since the beginning of the year, I've decided it's just best to replace him as an owner.

        I have now gone back and put back the players he has dropped and locked his team. I posted a message to the rest of the league today asking if replacing him as an owner is something they'd be ok with. I have someone who is interested in taking over this team, so as soon as I get word from the rest of my GM's, I will take the appropriate steps necessary.

        Again, thank you all for your tips. They were greatly appreciated.

    • I am a commish in one of my leagues, and iIwould put all his dropped players back on his roster and freeze him from making any moves until you have contact with him.Then hoping he shows he will play his team in good faith for the rest of the season. People like that can screw up a good league.

    • First email ALL the teams in the league and explain that you are going to re-instate all his players and that for the interim that you not permit any additions or delations from his roster - nor will you permit the acquisition of any player on his current roster by another team. Also inform all the GM's of the situation and seek their opinion.

      Most importantly contact the individual, remind him of the conditions of play that he agreed to prior to the start of the season (IE league / Yahoo veto rules) and ask him if he wants to continue to participate in a reasonable and responsible manner that recognizes and adheres to the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play that others in the league are also abiding by. Also inform him that so as there can be no accusations of conflict of interest (seeing as you are an active "player" as well) that you feel it is in the best interest of all to share his response to your query.

      Let him still 'run" his team (for example roster adjustments, if he choses to sit all his players so be it) while you seek a resolution and consensus from the other GM's. Be sure to state a time line for resolution, for example two days for all parties to respond; and after input from the majority of the GM's in the league (the GM in question may refuse to respond) then make your decision as to the best way to act.

      If the player agrees to stop pouting, man-up and act with the appropriate level of maturity- let the 'games" continue. If he continues to be a sniveling little spoil sport, freeze his team, boot him out and find another manager.

      The only fair thing is to attempt to find out the motives behind his actions and give him a chance to respond and defend his actions, any thing less would appear arbitrary. If he doesn't respond, then he's a jerk and let him go.

      And if you need another GM, I'd be interested.

    • I would like to pick up this team, and continue to play. I have 2 teams in different leagues already and this is my first year in FANTASY HOCKEY. Thank's JP

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