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  • nycsal nycsal Nov 20, 2007 12:51 PM Flag

    FA/Waiver wire abuse....feedback, please

    I'm commish of a 6 year running league. it's 12 teams and usually fill out the owners, with 8 or 9 regulars and the rest open it to the public. we are a league of active owners, but some of the owners have complained about the FA/Waiver practices of a new owner. he is making 5 and 6 moves a day, just to have a full starting line-up daily, which a number of owners feel is an abusive use of the option and is a competitve intergrity issue, which i agree. said owner has no e-mail listed, so i posted something to him, but have not heard anything yet.

    i could lock out the Add/Drop function for his team, but i'd rather not have to do that. any thoughts? suggestions?

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    • The rules need to be changed, streaming, cycling or whatever you want to call is a joke. 1. Max moves are in order. Like no more than 10 per week and either 50 to 100 moves max for the entire season. 2. The stats also need to be changed, instead of SOG put something else in there, that would i think prevent cycling altogether.

    • put a maximum amount of moves allowed during one week by any one team. I have run across this kind of idiot and they have no real knowledge of players, or league function. Idiots like this should be screened out of your league in future(How?). They are not real hockey fans or hockey fantasy fans....... sorry, but have also found most of them are young people with no hockey knowledge and just have a need to build their ego.

    • very simple solution. just make the weekly transactions 2-3 or 4 moves a week. this is what i do. u can also put a limit on the maximum moves for the entire season 2 about 50-75 moves. once again, this is what i do. if nobody likes it, then maybe they wont join the league. i plan on joining at least 12 leagues next year. i will be commish of 2 of those leagues. maybe we will hook up next year.

    • just change the rules, next season to 50 moves max, and lets see what happens. I am willing to bet that most people wouldn't even give it a thought to play, and you were to also take away the sog stat, let the players play, for example alex forlov of the Kings scored i think 32 goals how many sog did he have for the season, compared to a guy like boby ryan who was a rookie.. that stat is over rated, instead of sog it should be changed to toi. now that would change everything..

    • just adding guys just because they're playing is dumb and does not increase your chances. I am a very active manager but others call me a streamer but my strategy is always to improve my team i never drop my core of stars and i keep my eyes and ears on who's doing well on the f/a list. i play public competitive and actually research a player before hes added to my roster how many rookies every year and breakout players end up surprising the crap out of everyone. how many people drafted krejki, ryan, versteeg, either mason, zajak, or clemmenson, burrows, kesler, mcdonald, connolly i can keep going on. the point is a streamer who picks blindly loses badly a streamer who picks wisely is called league champ! of my 4 teams i won 2 first place and 2 third place and i won with knowledge and utilising all resources available and not just the draft.

    • Is this person 1st overall in your league?? Yes? No? If not then I wouldnt worry about it and even if they are making lots of drops daily for players I say let them cause they will always get rid of good players and eventually suck out of the league plus I knew a person who made like 300 or more drops last season.... was 1st or 2nd outta 12 teams but ended up losing at the end of the season to a 6th ranked team and had to settle for 5th overall heck I only made like at most 20 drops/adds all season and won my league so I wouldnt worry bout it.

    • Thats why this is called fantasy sports. None of it has to be real.

    • That strategy is a double-edged sword.. depending on how many roster slots you have, there isn't too much advantage to doing that, considering you're constantly adding/dropping, and not really paying attention to who is on a streak or not.

      I'm in an 18-team league where it makes nearly NO sense...but you still do it just to get a tiny advantage.

      It's perfectly within the rules, and if he has the time and dedication to do it, there's nothing you can really do about it.

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      • I have to agree with the original poster of this thread. While it has been said that it is within the rules to play this way, I don't believe it's the way the game was meant to be played. Fantasy hockey is a way for managers to build teams that they think will be successful based on superior hockey knowledge NOT based on how much time someone has to add and drop players. This strategy is employed by people who draft poorly and try to make up for their poor draft by having a tonne more player games each week. It is not a double edged sword as some have suggested. The increase in player games almost always yields a positive result. Spamming player moves is not in the spirit of fantasy hockey whether it is within the rules or not. In the future limit moves though to avoid this type of abuse.

    • Its not cheating its is completely part of the game. It is just one of the many strategies to use in fantasy. I used it in my baseball league when it came to the starting pitchers. Even the so called "experts" suggest doing that, so there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. If he is tops in your league than he is a good manager and is out manuevering the rest of yah. If you put the max on him or lock his add drop you are ruining the integerity of your league because you are showing that because he is doing well you are trying to stop him. I think he is doing well because if he wasnt i dont think there would be any complaints from the other managers but because he is beating them they complain.

    • Dude,

      Just max out the number of roster moves any given team can make. It is available in commissioner's tools. The problem is, it may not be fair to implement a rule like that halfway through the season.

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