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  • Yragorn Yragorn Dec 6, 2007 8:40 PM Flag

    FA/Waiver wire abuse....feedback, please

    ummm No, dude, this is a strategy. I've done this for 2 years now, mostly on playoffs, and thanks to it ive been in first place and won the playoffs. That guy has the right to do so. + if he drops some good players, grab them before he gets them back lol.

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    • OK.. explain the strategy.. lets see a G for a G, or maybe a LW for a LW.. what's the strategy, making sure the guys playing the next day.. come on, all you guys say " it's ok because he's playing within the rules".. that's a lame excuse for ABUSE of waivers.

      One manager starts the ABUSE and basically forces the other managers to make moves that they wouldn't normally make, then guess what... you claim his dropped players and end up like him, making a bunch of stupid moves, that snowballs and ruins the chemistry of the league.

    • i absolutely agree that this guy should not be punished for something that is well within his right. Just because the rest of your league does not employ the same strategy does not mean he is playing unfairly. You should have set limits at the begining of the season if you did not want to allow this option.

      tell your league to stop whining.
      Don't hate the player, hate the game.

    • dude, your an abuser of the rules. you havent 'won' anything. why do you think you won? not cause you have the best team...but cause you collected more stats in more games...congradulations moron.

    • I've been a part of a Keepers league the past 3 season and the way we have limited roster moves is that we just put the league max moves at 3. So in other words, from Monday - Sunday you can use 3 moves, the commish sets all moves back to 0 Sunday evening.

      It still gives you good amount of moves, you can pick up players who go on the IR, or a hot player...etc.

      Id say put that to a league vote.

      For all those managers who use this add/drop strat,, it is well within the rules and yes everyone can do it, ,,but I compare it with this....you have "sexual relations" with your sister,,,you can do it,,no rules against it,,but its just not right....

      bad analogy,,,but it works.



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