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  • nycsal nycsal Dec 10, 2007 6:08 PM Flag

    FA/Waiver wire abuse....feedback, please

    well crawler, as the originator of this post, i'll respond again to you. sorry but i don't think it's for you to say what is or isn't offensive to people. (it was also Punch, not Kev who said it. Kev is the only one to truely gets it!!) other than that i agree with most everything you said, in terms of your approach to playing fantasy hockey and spirit inwhich it should be played.

    to clarify, if you've read most of the posts, many people have critizied that i'm trying to take away this guys advantage since the rest of us don't in the league don't go to his extreme. so when talking about the amount of moves (or cycling) in the league i was trying to stress the point you made. that it's there to improve your team, not to use to that excess (in my and my leagues opinion). so to try to make my point, i exaggerated the # of moves my owners make. so, as far as your A nad B scenerios, you are incorrect on both accounts. now using my junior high school math, in 28 weeks (including playoffs) of the fantasy season, 90-100 moves comes to a little more than 3 per week. and usually that much comes from owners, who in a given year, have a struggling team and/or injuries, plus the last couple of playoff weeks (if someone's gunning for victory). yes in onne of our 5 years, i had exactly 100 moves. i'm usually around 40 per year. now my guys may use it more than your league but not all that much from the sounds of it.

    i had also posted and Updated version seperately, of this where i explain more thoroughly, that it's H2H so many of the suggestion, where good ones, are only Roto options. it's also very interesting to me that this posting has last 3 weeks (with 90 responses) on the 1st posting page. when most last just a few days on page 1. but what's more interesting to me is that i posted and UPDATE (all caps, just for you) with, what was my resultion and a clearer explaination (i thought). and that one only recieved 3 reponses and it's buried on the 3rd page i think.

    and even though, i as well have found this whole discussion very interesting. i also funny that most people feel very free to attacking posters and i'm not just talking about you "junior high school" comment or even the comment that offended me. i hope those of you who continue to do so, it fills whatever hole in your life there is. $10 says someone will call me thin skinned or a p***y for this last comment.


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