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  • David V David V Nov 24, 2007 5:27 PM Flag

    FA/Waiver wire abuse....feedback, please

    I think the rules of the league define what is and isn't legitimate, just like the rules of any game do. For example, in chess, the queen has an "unfair advantage" over the bishop, because it can move any distance in all eight directions compared to the bishop that can only move diagonally. However, the game itself is fair because: a) the movement is within the rules of the game as it has been established and b) the queen is available to both players.

    In this case, condition a) is satisfied, because he's using a legitimate strategy within the official rules of the league as they're defined, and given that he's not in your core group of players, he shouldn't be criticized for not following a "gentlemen's agreement" that he probably isn't aware of. Condition b) is also satisfied, because this strategy is equally available to everyone.

    It is true, however, that he has an advantage over others in your league that make fewer moves. As the commish of the league, it is your ability and responsibility to maintain the integrity of the league "as it was intended." I would avoid making an authoratative decision mid-season, but if the members democratically decided that they would like to have this practice not be part of the league, I think you should use the tools available and determine a fair maximum number of moves. The other option as I see it, is the other members can adapt their strategies to look for their own advantages they can get within the rules as they stand.

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    • Excellent response by David V.

      If he was a lawyer, he would close by saying "I rest my case."

      I myself am not much of a "streamer" but I do respect their rights to play a game to whatever strategy they can think of, as long as they are not also evil commissioners.

      Next season, you will know better to either limit the player moves or not allow strangers in your keeper pool. Or at the very least post some guidelines so that the streamer can delete his team before your "NO STREAMER" league starts.


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