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  • David David Nov 21, 2007 1:19 AM Flag

    FA/Waiver wire abuse....feedback, please

    Changing the rules once the season has started presents more of an integrity issue than someone who is clearly playing within the rules of your league.

    Streaming can be annoying, but if you didn't have a max number of moves set, and you left your league open to the public, it's your own fault.

    When someone works this hard, it actually HELPS the competitive integrity of the game, IMHO. I'd rather play against a streamer than have guys in the league who never change their lineup after falling behind the first month. If you set the rules for the league, and now you've decided you don't want to work as hard as the "stranger", the rest of you deserve to be playing for second place.

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    • Ultimately, it really only matters what the people in your own league think. I would recommend opening up the issue to the other members of your league, which it seems you've already done, using the message board. There's no sensible reason why experienced managers should have to deal with the immaturities of rookie managers who are so desperate to win that they'll try anything, without any respect to sportsmanship, or fair play.

      There is a reason that the Commissioner Tools are available to lock other teams, for what yahoo considers unruly behavior.
      Bottom line, its not 'your own fault' to be stuck with that, and there's no reason to have to lower the league standard to the worst behavior. As a league, agree on conduct, and if one manager thinks he's above the law, warn them, and if you have to, lock them from abusing the add/drops.

      You are an experienced commissioner with 75% regulars, and you all probably agree that it is 'abuse of the option' and lacks 'integrity'. As commissioner it is your responsibility to use your best judgement for the greater good of the league.

    • Great post man, couldnt agree with you more.


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