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  • kev_n_h kev_n_h Nov 21, 2007 3:53 PM Flag

    FA/Waiver wire abuse....feedback, please

    I think some people are missing the point here.

    If it is a head-2-head league than there is NO max amount of games per position. its probably safe to assume that is the case, otherwise there is no issue. if there is a max, they will run out of games, and they will lose. fair is fair.

    the second thing, is that the people in the league and the commissioner that raised this issuse on this board think it is unfair. for everyone else here that thinks its ok and defends the tactic of add/drops, thats fine, maybe they are guilty themselves of using that tactic. but if the regulars in that guy's league think that its bogus that a new manager is ruining their game there is a problem. no one else is doing it. no one else wants to do it. that guys been a commissioner for 6 years and hasnt seen that problem before.

    think about it:
    lets say its a league 13 offensive players deep (9 forwards, 4 d). on average its 39 games per week.

    but if the jerk does 5 adds a day, thats 35 extra player games from add/drops, plus the 24 games from the studs that he wont drop, thats 59 games per week. and its 63 games if he does 6 adds/day.

    so now its Team A: 39 games per week vs Team B: 59 games per week.
    so a +50% or so games advantage. my Math is right, you cant dispute that.
    there is no reason that the other managers have to resort to his tactics. thats simply one bad apple ruining the bunch.

    furthermore, its not adding guys ranked in the 200's; its guys ranked in the 100's because every team holds on to their highly drafted players that arent panning out, like Vanek, or Cheechoo, or Elias even though THEY are ranked in the 200 or 300's.

    so ask that guy to stop. and block his team if he doesnt, until he learns then unblock him in a week or so.
    or make a roster move limit of 50 or so. but that still doesnt seem necessesary if the rest of the league is fine.

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    • first of all, i'd like to thank everyone for their feedback, positive and negative.

      but i think Kev here is the only one who really gets where i'm coming from. which maybe partly my fault for not explaining fully. i've always played H2H, so i'm not familiar w/Roto, but Kev here is right. for one thing, there is no Max # of games per position option. now there is an option for max FA moves, but as Kev pointed out, we've never had this come up before. so the proper safe gaurds were not in place. now, since i'm usually filling in a couple of slots per year of non-regulars i try to screen a little but ya never really know.

      we are a league of active owners, both in Wire moves and trades, with daily use by about 2/3rds. sure there are a few who only make a dozen for the year. but my issue, is that thru 6 weeks he has 150 moves and he didn't do many the first 2 weeks, seriously. and at 150, it's already 2nd most amount of moves anyone had for a SEASON in our league history. that to me seems absurd, when we're only 1/4 into the season.

      i can see what everyone's saying about not changing the rules once we've started but i agree with Kev, that why should the rest of the league suffer when they feel an owner is legitimately out of line? i'm not looking to lock him out but i've also written him and he's never responded. so it's not even like he's defended his stance or communicated in any way to help me work this out or explain ourselves.

      thanks again for everyone's opinion and feedback. please continue to respond if you have anything else to say about this out the original post.

    • It all sounds like sour grapes to me. The guy is a very active manager and he should be happy about that. His tactics are very risky but if its pans out then let him be. Why should he play at the passive rate they play at. He might like a certain matchup for a player on FA and wants to take advantage of that.

    • impressive

    • HAHAHA. Your math is wrong. It's about 33%. Dumb.


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