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    Can anyone tell me how the max number of games is calculated for any position? For instance I am allowed to play 6 "F";s in my league and yearly max for that position is 492. Well there are 82 games in the season. Let's do the math 6 x 82 =492. So how can I possibly play too many games at a position? I asked Yahoo and they just regurgitated what the rule says -and the rule makes no sense.

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    • In many leagues there are BN (bench) positions and these can be filled by players at any position. Theoretically you could move players each day from the bench to your active roster in that position so you would have at least one person at that position playing every day there was at least one game played. By doing that you could easily exceed the maximum # of games. Of the 4 leagues I'm in, we have "Maximum Games" set to match the NHL (82) in 3 of them. It simply adds another thing to consider when 'managing' your team...who do you play, who do you sit/bench, when. Just like a real manager/coach. What more could you want in a Fantasy Leaque to make it more realistic.

      The 4th league I'm in has 'no maximum games'....and several managers are very active on a daily basis picking up and dropping players in effort to gain as many fantasy points as possible. I have no problem with this tactic as the rules for this specific league permit it... just means you have to be on your toes and active pretty well every day.


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