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    Re: I dumped my team??????
    by: gryffone (Dark Wolves) Nov 5 3:25pm
    Dude, you dumped your team, that is not managing your team. You think you are the first dumb ass who has tried to mess up one of our leagues? The problem is that there are many dumb fauks like you out there. Your Goalie losses a game and so you cry about how hard it is and you dump your whole team to try and mess the league up for the rest of us who are playing and having fun. I am trying to keep you from fauking things up.

    Get lost and do not come back. You are locked for good you stupid little dork. Anybody else who thinks that dumping your team is managing it can get lost as well. Why is there always drama involved in these games. Anyone could have looked at the scoring rules before the season started and proposed changing it or elected not to join the league. We have been playing with these same rules for at least 3 years now and most of us do not have an issue with them.

    It all pans out for one night a goalie losses and the next night he might win. The bottom line number is what you get from your Goalie. The better your goalie is the better your points will be overall. We are all playing by the same rules here.

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