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  • 15 team dynasty league

    C- Vincent Lecavalier, Manny Malhotra, Craig Conroy

    W- Niklas Hagman, Chris Clark, J.P. Dumont, David Clarkson, Martin Gelinas, George Parros

    D- Barret Jackman, Paul Ranger, Brian Pothier, Andy Greene, Cory Sarich, Andrej Meszaros

    G- Martin Brodeur

    BN- Aaron Ward D, Paul Martin D, Jiri Novotny C, Chad Kilger W, Kevin Klein D, Kyle Chipchura C, Ladislav Smid D, Jeff Tambellini W, Chris Kelly C, Steve Ott C, Steve Staios D, R.J. Umberger C, Josh Harding G, Andrew Raycroft G, Mikael Tellqvist G

    IR- Martin Havlat W

    What are some possible ways i can improve my team, thanks in advance

    I know it's not a good team, but i took over this team, it's the 3rd year and it finished 13th last year

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    • Difficult to analyze on what to do for improving without knowing what FA's are available...turning this team around is probably a long haul

    • This team finished 13th? How bad were the 14th and 15th place teams? I feel sorry for you man, looks like you took over a very, very, very terrible team.

    • They're right. It's awful. It's so bad I want to claw my eyes out after seeing it.

      Unload some of those turds and take a gamble on a lot of young free-agent talent. Many of the guys you pick up will suck, but if you luck out with a couple of guys who pan out, you'll be in slightly better shape to build on next year.

      And trade the little established talent you have for as much young talent as possible.

      Try to unload Brodeur to someone who believes New Jersey will turn things around. If you could get Leclaire (maybe his owner thinks him a fluke and is trying to get a legit No. 2 or 3 goalie) and a talented 2-line forward, I'd do that. Trade Lecavalier for Toews (if you can) and another strong young talent. Package Dumont and Conroy and try to get Kopitar (good luck with that; but maybe if Kopitar gets injured or goes cold). Take a gamble and pick up (or trade cheaply for) Bryzgalov, on hopes that he is traded.

      Pick up Carey Price if he's available or try to trade for him at some point this year.

      Maybe gamble on Forsberg, Seleanne or Niedermayer if they're is available and trade him/them to a league contender the moment they come out of retirement. But make sure you don't get stuck with these guys on your roster after this season -- this strategy could really backfire on you.

      Wait until Havlat is back and scoring nicely for a couple weeks then trade him for two talented young guys as well. Or one and a serviceable grunt to fill out your roster. Havlat is injured FAR too often for someone in your position to gamble on.

      Maybe pick up Avery while he's on the IR (or about to come off of it) and then trade him to someone who desperately needs PIMS later this year.

      And when much-hyped young guys enter the league, even if they are to see no considerable time this year, snatch them up and wait til next year. If Chris Letang gets his head out of his ass and is called up by the Penguins, snatch him up.

      Also, look toward the teams that likely were ignored by GMs this year. Most of the Chicago talent is probably gone (you might be able to get Ruutu, who's a nice, talented depth guy to have), but you could gamble that Columbus is for real and that St. Louis's roster might develop (just a suggestion; I personally know little about STL or its prospects).

      If he's available, gamble on Jordan Staal. If he's not available you can pick him up cheaply since he only has 2 points this season. He has been playing well with Malkin and will be valuable over the long term.

      Wait 'til Wojek Wolski in COL is injured or on a cold streak then make an offer that can't be refused. Same with all other young talent.

      See if whoever has Derek Roy doesn't realize yet how good he is.

      Pick up Kyle Wellwood for his return from the IR.

      This year is lost. Build for next season and beyond. Load up on young talent that won't produce much this year and middle-aged talented players who are injured.

      Try to cheaply acquire much-maligned LA defensemen while their asking price is cheap. Johnson, Visnovsky and Preissing (in that order) might pay off for you next year.

    • That's a Ted Nolan team if I ever saw one!

    • C- vincent lecavalier n brouduer other then that your team is terrible i hope this was an auto draft otherwise its sad n your hockey mind jes sucks

    • Worst fantasy team ever!!


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