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  • strawjam strawjam Oct 21, 2007 3:39 PM Flag

    Look What I did!!!!!!!!!

    I am such a genious!!!!!! I deleted all the teams rosters in my league (BRUINS) and now I get to win the championship of my league. I am such a cool person! My favorite hobbie is playing with myself. I am so good at it. I win trophies from the sorry @$$ yahoo leagues all the time because they don't know how to stop me.
    Of course I am only posing as this ruthless commisioner who actually did this. How old is this punk who did this? His team is called the BOSTON BOOZERS. How does Yahoo let this happen? All the time every owner of this league spent preparing for the draft, maintaining their rosters,(which they don't have anymore... GONE...OVER!!!! Watch out for this guy, Deroche, poor loser. Just because after the first week he was in dead last place. What's funny is the other teams don't have rosters, and he still is toward the bottom of his league. hahahahahahahahaha.

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