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    my +/- stats are incorrect after one day


    Yesterday the Flyers won 4-0, a shoutout. My players Briere and Knuble each had an assist. They should be each at least (+1). They never got the credit. It is one day later and it still lists their +/- as (0) for that game. And their total +/- was not changed, either. My comissioner says the +/- is always slow to count, but would be correct by the next day. Well, here it is a day later and I am getting screwed. I have seen this before, where it is obvious by the just the "points & scoring" situation alone that the +/- was counted up wrong... Like another incident where a team gave up 3 goals the whole game and a guy I had on that team scored once, but he still got a (-3) +/- !!!! .........And I am the worst in my league in +/- !!! Is this corruption, ineptitude, computer fraud, or what? Why play if the tabulations are wrong? I demand justice!

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