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  • Terry Terry Oct 19, 2007 12:23 AM Flag

    What's better/worse?

    Give me your opinion. Would you rather have a mediocre starting goaltender (Budaj) or a really good back up on the cusp of possibly being the starter (Osgood)? Tim Thomas is also out there. The way Fernandez has been playing, I don't want him. Currently, my goaltenders are: Budaj, Mason, and LeClair. I picked up LeClair because he is showing some obvious signs of potential in the early part of this season. It's a crap shoot. We'll see how it pays off. I want your feedback on Osgood or Thomas versus Budaj.

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    • Personally I would stick with Budaj - he gets to beat up on three mediocre teams in the Oilers, Flames and Canucks, where as Thomas is in a tougher conference and Hasek could easily rally in Detroit. Clorado still has a really strong team - and Boston appears to be lacking in scoring potential.

      Pascal Leclair and the Blue jackets are a bit of a risk, they'll probably be more consistant than last year - but still wildly unpredictable. And it's hard to guess who is going to start on any given night.

      If I was going to use a roster spot on a back-up, I would take Price in Montreal.

      Then again, this is coming from a guy who's got Brodeur, Gerber, Ward & Nabokov on his roster. I like goalies.


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