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  • stew m stew m Oct 15, 2007 5:14 PM Flag

    Yahoo get the right positions!!

    this is my fourth time posting in a thread like this one. I wrote to yahoo twice and got the same response back, a cut a pasted section of the rules. I'm not an idiot...i have been on this site for years, and realize it always takes them a long time to do... However, this year seems exceptionally slow and frustrating. Elias, Prospal, Staal, Higgins, Bertuzzi, Heatley, Straka, Antropov, the list goes on and on, but the only ones they seem to update are the players no one has or cares about like wade belak! Yahoo even has all of these players listed ON THEIR WEBSITE in different positions but still has done nothing.... PLEASE YAHOO!.... we are begging you ....change these regularly. I have 6 centers on my team and am routinely getting shafted out of points because i can't dress them in their proper spots. I drafted knowing where they were playing and have been screwed out of a lot of points. I am starting to get really put off of this league... and if you read the posts, it is almost becoming countless times that this has been requested. Bring Yahoo! back up to speed!


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