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  • Ryan Ryan Oct 13, 2007 12:34 PM Flag

    Any1 starting a Dynasty League?

    I want a regular Dynasty League (NO SALARY CAP). If you have one, I am interested. My e-mail is jobathehut62@yahoo.com and my AIM screen name is RyanRizz715 -- Thanks.

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    • put me on the same list if someone is starting one

      email: roafw@yahoo.com

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      • The way I am thinking this will work. We will draft and then trade and players accordingly. At seasons end, I will make up a managers list and email that list of teams to the league....Each team will be allowed a total of 5 players and one goalie...To keep held over to next season. If you elect not to keep a goaltender you may keep a sixth player. NO TEAM MAY KEEP TWO GOALTENDERS. Though you do not have to holdover a goaltender. However a total of six players for each team manager will be allowed to be held over till next season. In the event that a team manager is unable to; would not like to; is kicked out of the league this season; or any other reason, unable to participate in next years draft/ hockey season, Their players are free agents and no other manager will be allowed to have a "first crack at them until their turn in the draft. As the season progresses more rules will be made depending on certain circumstances.
        1. No manager may have operate more than one team. You will be replaced.
        2. Players held over till the next season (MUST) be emailed to my email, thetwinsarein@yahoo.com no later than one week after the season ends, otherwise your picks are forfeited and the players will be declared free agents.
        3. No team manager may trade a player for a case of beer, A pack of cigarettes or so on. (You know what I mean)
        4. Last season we had a league vote on all trades. That didn't work and the season was miserable because of no trading. That ship has sailed and this is the current ship we are on. I decide on the trades and most of them will be approved. Within logical reason. I will veto any really stupid trade that has five players going for one barely decent player.
        MAKE A NOTE OF THIS. We are not trying to pull the wool over anyone here.
        5. You are allowed three moves a week after the the first day of the season. Until then you are free to make as many moves or trades as you please. Three moves per week.
        Injuries are as follows. If you have an injured player he may be the only player to inhabit a bench spot. There are not bench spots assigned in this league. So if a player is injured. The league will allow you to leave him on his ir spot for one week. I allow this because of this. Every Friday night I am reviewing league activity and Making sure there is no "HOGGING" of players. This means you have one week to activate a player who has come back from an injury. At midnight Friday night anyone who has not complied with this rule will have forfeited their right to the injured player and he will become a free agent. I will monitor this and email anyone who this happens to to make sure that no one has fallen victim to this rule.
        6. All teams that do not make the playoffs will have their roster locked. Reason being any letting go of players to benefit playoff team. Yes unfortunately It has happened.

        Thank you all for playing and good luck. I will email this to everyone. Please feel free to email me with your questions and concerns.
        My yahoo Messenger screen name is Thetwinsarein4.
        My other screenname is thetwinsarein please feel free to check out my credentials
        Commissioner Charlie F. Tubbs


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