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  • Rick Rick Oct 7, 2007 12:04 PM Flag

    cheating commissioners

    should have a governing board that will prevent cheating like the commissioner of the wings fan league he stole players from all the teams for himself and if you say something you get totally locked out and stuck in the league i should be able to get removed with evidense of cheating

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    • I agree, I am in a similar boat. I signed up for a league, the comissioner changed the settings and set the draft in motion after only 4 people were in the league.

      Then I see alot of trades going back and forth between two teams, did some checking and saw that he owned both teams and was trying to stack one of them. I did not sign up for this, who wants to be in a league with only 4 teams, especially when the comissioner owns two of them?

      Do you or anyone else have any idea how to quit a league?

    • I will admit to cheating in my league, I took Alex Ovechkin off someones team and put him on my team...However, I do have some morals and about 15 minutes later, I put him back on the guys team. Cheating isn't fair. GO WINGS, and good luck to everyone.

    • Am having similar problems with "King of Trips" in the "World NHL" league (ID# 33690) -- goes with the email addy "bullfizzle@hotmail.com". Initially started off with changing the draft from randon to ordered, not a big thing so we lived with it. He then locked out one team entirely on Sept 24th because the manager hadn't been active, then on Oct 10th he unlocks the team. Still no activity by the team/manager in question and suddenly a trade between that team and the commissioners team shows pending league vote. Of course, it involved the commish dropping his 2 worts playing in exchange for the two best players on the 'inactive' team. I posted my concerns about the questionable trade and stated I was voting against it. Apparently at least one other manager agreed and the trade was vetoed. Since then my team is locked from emailing the league/managers or posting....and now he's spreading falsehoods about my integrity and appealing for the other managers to vote to have my team locked entirely. Of course it doesnt help that I am actually leading the league, so he feels I must be cheating or running multiple teams.

      He's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, and now he's trying to deflect attention away from his attempted larceny by pointing the finger at the person who caught him out.

      If I get locked from the league...so be it. I expect it will happen regardless of what the "vote" comes out at. I don't need to associate with people like him. What probably irks me the most is that by locking me out from emailing and posting, he's censored me and left me totally unable to respond to these BS allegations.

    • Just wanted to Add manager Zack S of the yodog league, locked everyone out in the third week..... horrible.....what a waste of time.

    • Agreed.

    • I agree 110% about this.

      I blame yahoo admins because i already reported that to them but they dont want to do something.

      Sooner or later, there will no more Fantasy leagues like now if Admins dont do something to get ride of the cheaters.

      So i report again one league that i was part of until 2 days ago. My team name is still there but i lost all my players....and i am locked and i dont know why.

      The involved league is:Hockey CHAMPS League (ID# 23107) and the commish is jasonfox_1975@yahoo.com

      Please do something.


    • everyone in the league should go in and delete their teams if commish is cheating.

    • G A +/- PIM PPP SOG W GAA SV% SHO Score
      icing 14 20 2 25 14 80 1 4.06 .848 0 3
      6 23 -15 36 15 102 2 4.33 .880 0 6

      i think this guy is cheating to why would he be winning
      what can be done about this

    • You're a faggg for being a wings fan. Suck it! from your friendly neighborhood Blackhawks fan.

    • The idea is good, but if your commissioner cheating why would you stay. Other words that is gay

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