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  • GO Pirates GO Pirates Oct 24, 2007 9:14 PM Flag

    cheating commissioners

    in defense of your post about not joining leagues with people you dont know, I started out with my old screen name thetwinsarein and now use thetwinsarein4. Feel free to check either of these. At one point in time we were all joining leagues wheather or not public or private, in the case we didnt know anyone. So all leagues joined are hit and miss, If you have a good commish great, if not that is so very totally gonna suck, but you find ways to move on. Yahoo cant screen every league that goes through thier system as much as that would help. I have leagues I run and most everyone is the same.....Though I am always looking for more owners for people who either arnt active enough, ( I mean if your not checking your team once a month why are you playing?? I even use no bench spots in my leagues and i still have some of the most active leagues going. ) or have voiced thier reasons for not returning to my leagues. Either way my point is, sayingthat people shouldnt join a league in which you dont know anyone at all is hit or miss.

    You could get a great commish or a bad one.

    As far as cheating to win....thats proposterous for those commishes out there beaking thier backs to come up with decent settings, actual league activity, Posts and fair, non bias trade acceptances. Its a lot of work if done right but worth it to your loyal and intelligent managers. I almost feel your mocking certain managers and commishes


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