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  • helmutt helmutt Apr 10, 2013 11:13 PM Flag

    Help w/ Keepers, (Please!)

    So for next year, each manager is allowed to keep one player in each specified position, and one extra utility of their liking. I have a few to choose, and while some are obvious, others could be tricky. Just about all stats are counted in this weekly, deep H2H setting, including hits, blocks, faceoff wins, game winning goals, all the others...

    Toews, Giroux, Landeskog, Skinner, Gagner, Cammalleri Karlsson, Kronwall, Goligoski, Muzzin, Spurgeon, O'Reilly, Richards, Kesler, Zibanejad, Luongo, Reimer

    Obviously, Toews and Grioux should be there without saying, taking a Centre (and possibly a 2nd, or RW.) For Left Wingers, Landeskog is the only true, growing keeper option. Richards or Cammy could provide a more aggressive presence, though. For Defenceman, Karlsson is a lock, but this is where I thought of using the utility option on Kronwall or Muzzin. Always good having solid D-men stashed for the following season. For goalies, it's tough- Bobby Lu will most likely see another team, while Reimer has just as much potential to be a solidified number one.

    I don't quite see Skinner as a true keeper yet, but I also typed Kesler, O' Reilly, and Zibanejad here, because they all have potential for all categories, or already do, such as Kesler's abilities.

    Any thoughts?

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    • I would definitely go with Toews C, Giroux RW, Landeskog LW, Karlsson D, Reimer G, and Kesler C-- Like you said, Toews and Giroux are no-brainers... Landeskog is by far the best keeper option at LW and Karlsson... again, duh-- As far as goalies, even though Luongo could end up elsewhere I think this whole thing has gotten to him, his play hasn't' been as good and he's still a playoff choke artist (not that that matters) so he's only going to decline-- Reimer and Toronto, however, are looking better every day (if you can believe it lol)-- I like Kesler because he can put up points AND provides that offensive presence along with solid faceoffs/hits/blocks (i think) though if you want a more injury-resistant guy there Richards is probably the way to go (plus having a LW that gets faceoffs could make a huge difference)... I'm still recovering from lockout ignorance so please excuse any blatant idiocy you find within my post :)

    • menh.. anyone please?


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