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  • Jake G Jake G Mar 13, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    Perry for Voracek

    I am sitting at first in my roto league (g, a, +/-, sog, pims, hits, ppp) and someone has just tried to unload Perry on me now that he has been suspended 4 games. He is asking for Voracek in return and I am kind of considering it for a couple reasons. I am leading the league in G, A (by a large amount), SOG (by a decent amount), HITS (by a large amount), and PPP. The only categories that I'm not current leading in are +/- (4th place) and PIMs (2nd place). None of my other players are injured or suspended, so as you can see, I can afford to have Perry sit for a few games. Since I'm in first place, I should probably just stay put, but Perry is giving me a big upgrade in the exact categories that I need. He also tends to get very hot in the second half of the season, which he has already started to do. Voracek is a great player, but I'm kind of getting the feeling that he's not as hot as he has been lately. Perry is a safe bet no matter what. What do you guys think? Stay put or give it a shot?


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