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  • Ryan Ryan Feb 19, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    vetoed trade, alot of controversy

    broduer for nic backstrum and andri markov was just rejected in the league i am the commish of. anybody think this was fair/unfair? the guy getting the 2 players is minus heavy in both defense starts and goalie starts. he is slightly losing in net, and gaining on D. the accusations of pettiness in the veto process are being flung around right now because the guy recieving the 2 players is already out of contention and the guy trying to improve to broduer is in contention for our title and it was his 4 immediate competators who vetoed his trade.

    is this fair deal or not?

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    • thanks for the opinions. to be fair that is exactly waht im going to try to do next year (get into a new league), if anybody else has an opinion before the page goes away i would appreciate it. apparently one of the guys has come right out and admitted he vetoed the trade to not allow a competator any advantage, and conceeds that the trade was fair. the other 3 vetoers continue with unsubstantiated claims of unfairness

    • Accept the trade and look for 4 new players for next season...

    • there is already a large chance that the people upset with what was thought of as a cheap veto will form a trade block in our league and simply not let any trades happen the rest of the season with the reasoning being, if legit even trades are blocked out of spite and pettyness, what trades should be allowed. if thats nto fair, none are fair is the rallying cry


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