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  • Dpern Dpern Feb 8, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    How can I improve my team? I can answer your questions too.

    I'm about to fall to 1-2 in a 10 team, non keeper league.

    I started off well in the first week but ever since I have been struggling. Where should I improve my team?

    Forwards: E. Staal (C), Pavelski (C,RW), Getzlaf (C), M. Richards (C, LW), Sedin (LW), Heatley (LW,RW), Perry (RW), Kessel (RW), Kesler (C) (IR)

    Defense: Byfuglien, Enstrom, Weber, Campbell

    Goalies: Rask, Price, Howard

    So up front my only 2 consistent forwards have been Pavelski and E. Staal. I'm gonna drop Richards when Kesler comes back I think, I just picked him up a few days ago. Heatley, Sedin, Perry, and Kessel haven't done much for me this year.

    My D are pretty good I think, Byfuglien is day to day but everyone is consistent and I just traded Brodeur for Weber cause he'll turn it around.

    Rask and Price have been solid for me and Howard has struggled but I'm not too concerned about him.

    Should I try getting a top forward? I feel like I have a bunch of guys who should be point getters such as Kessel, Perry, and Sedin but they have been pretty brutal. I could use another LW.

    Standard scoring in my league. Thoughts? I'll answer your questions.

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    • Leave as is like Helmutt wrote. You can't be worried about Sedin, by end of season he will be near top, as usual. Like rest of Nucs will benefit from Kes's return.

      Same goes for Kessel and Perry,,, just a matter of time. I think Perry is FA with Ducks after this year so he will turn it on for new rich contract.

      Kessel can't turn into a 10 goal man over night. Law of averages working in his favor , they will start going in for him. He plays like sissy but is a sniper

    • You know, that's a solid roster for a 10-team league. These guys are all considered 'top forwards,' and for good reason. The only real underachiever has been Heatley. Richards & Perry will give you some PIM muscle, too. Keep in mind this is a short season, and some players didn't go overseas; they need to find their grooves, even if it's ten games inside 2013. Look at the hottest players so far, and ask yourself if they'll really keep up that pace. Kessel is a monster for SOGs, and Kesler will add a bit of everything upon return. I say stay the course. The worst you could do is trade Heatley.


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