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  • Conal Conal Feb 5, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    Goalie swap - which side?

    Pekka Rinne
    Bobby Ryan


    Antti Niemi
    Chris Stewart or Jakub Voracek

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    • I feel like Rinne/Ryan side wins as Rinne should be an elite top 3 goalie by season's end but pretty even otherwise. Can you please answer my question about potential offers I'm thinking of making? Thanks!

    • I think it's a pretty good deal for both sides. I do like the Rinne side better, because of the inclusion of Bobby Ryan. I had been hoping Stewart will bust out and play like he did in COL, but it hasn't looked good in the early going.

      As for my thoughts on Niemi, while I agree that Niemi is more of a Howard type player, everyone knows that the Sharks are always good as a regular season team. Their defence is probably as good as the Preds now, considering their loss of Suter. He will get you the wins, and the difference between GAA and SV% isn't that wide a margin.

    • The Niemi side but not by THAT much.

      Niemi is a solid upgrade over Rinne, who has been inconsistent. The most disparaging part about Rinne's circumstance is that The Predator's team is worse than anyone had expected. Their offense is anemic, and even a return to his 2011/2012 stardom, it would be difficult to envision a season where he packs in the wins.

      My only caveat is that losing B. Ryan for C. Stewart hurts. I was not a fan of Chris Stewart before the season began, and like him even less now. It is obvious he is not going to return to his Colorado heyday - it was an aberration, an outlier. Explain to me how you can go negative in +/- on a Blues team that has the best front 9 in hockey? I can't but Stewart can. Even his medium contributions in the PIM category is not enough to offset the lost value he provides in all the other offensive categories.

      I'm not saying Bobby Ryan is fantastic, because he is clearly having some struggles, but at least he is playable. You know B. Ryan will get his goals. And, you know, B. Ryan will be in the top 15 in shots by the seasons end.

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      • Definitely keep the Rinne/Ryan side. Rinne at worst will give you similar stats to Niemi, and outclass him at best. Ryan over Stewart isn't even debatable at the moment. Stewart hasn't been the same since the year he got traded.

        Would you be able to answer my question as well?

      • Interesting that you (and everyone else that posted here, by the looks of it) feel that way. I'm more cautious about Niemi's start because he is not known, as Rinne is, to be the goaltender that carries his team - more of a Jimmy Howard type. Does everyone believe the Sharks will be this good over the rest of the season? Surely Niemi's numbers are destined to fall, and Rinne's to rise?

        Or am I alone here?

    • So far this season the edge goes to Niemi/ Stewart. Pass on Vor so far, underachieving


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