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  • RzzzKY RzzzKY Feb 5, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Big Trade...Please Help

    I give: Thornton, D.Sedin

    I get: Getzlaf, Giroux

    Should I do this? Will Giroux get out of his slump?

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    • Bad trade for you.

      Even if Philly turns itself around, Anaheim (Getzlaf team) will still be terrible. Forget about point totals for a second, and just understand that you are giving up a LOT of +/- value in this trade. Who cares if Giroux turns it around, though. Thornton is the same type of player, except he clearly is playing better and has a MUCH better supporting cast. Remember that last season Giroux might have been second in the league in assists (65), but Thornton finished just behind him in fourth (59).

      Even if Giroux rebounds to his 2011/2012 pace, this is NOT a good trade for you.

    • I wouldn't do this trade.. personally.
      Thorton is around one of the best top 6 forward mates, while giroux and the fliers and in a biggest slump right now. especially with hartnell and symmonds injured.

      I'm also in a big dillema too, trading got offered giroux for my vanek.
      should i do this trade?


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