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  • Cory Bartlett Cory Bartlett Jan 28, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    Huge Malkin Trade!

    Just got offered pavel datsyuk and justin Shultz for Malkin? head to head league with a single pt for a goal and a single pt for an assist. Personally, I like the trade Shultz will def help my struggling d and datsyuk is datsyuk. Looking for some help so help me and I can give you some input on some of your situations.

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    • I agree with Terry, too risky with Shultz being a rookie, he still is a,,,,???

      Doesn't add up at this point

      Could be wrong but my crystal ball is foggy right now ,,, recommend you pass

    • No way! You are trading your No. 1 pick for two down the list guys. Datsyuk is a great player but can't put the points up like Malkin. Shultz hasn't done much yet. Keep an eye on the drop and FA lists (I just picked up Subban from the drop list using my waiver pick for my weakest player) Over the next few games you'll get an upgrade on D.


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