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  • Bruh Bruh Jan 27, 2013 2:15 AM Flag

    Richards & Hodgson for Seguin

    I'm looking to pick up Seguin when he's cold.
    Richards is cold too but I don't think he'll heat up...and I picked Hodgson off the wire anyways in exchange for Voracek.

    Would you do it if you were me? Would you do it if you were the other team?

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    • There are 3 Richards in the NHL of which two are top players.

      Be clear next time

      Assuming it s either Brad or Mike plus CoHo for Seguin he might go for it but at the same time might not.

      1/ He sees an upgrade at RW or C which CoHo/Richards,,, might offer
      2/ He truly has a throw away player as he will be forced to drop one in order to accept this offer.

      If I was other team I would weigh the above #1 & #2.

      Can't tell you if I would or not

      Can;t hurt to offer it but you would have to replace one of them after trade.

    • It all depends on if I need what's offered. Remember that Hodgson was an FA pickup, so the opposition may have drafted players better suited to their likings. It's also early, I'd give Seguin more time- that's just me


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