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  • Bruh Bruh Jan 24, 2013 3:09 AM Flag

    hodgson vs simmons

    Drop Lupul. 3 games on average have been completed. Barring best possible circumstances, Lupul is out for 6 weeks minimum. Minimum 3 games a week. He just missed 18 games.
    Give him a week to get back into condition. Another 3 games.
    Is he going to be hot & amazing right off the bat? Probably not. Let's say another week before possible circumstances, he hits a torrid pace.
    You just wasted 24 games. That's half the season. Is it worth it? No.

    Drop Lupul for Hodgson. I bet you that even if Lupul wasn't injured, Hodgson would still have had a better season. I think Lupul is the Flippula of Toronto. Fluke season.


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