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  • Dpern Dpern Jan 23, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    Ask me your questions, I'll try and answer them all

    Shoot me any questions you have.

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    • can i have some icecream?

    • hey man who would u take in a points only league g=1.25 a=1 shg=1 gwg=.50
      thornton or getzlaf
      eriksson or pominville

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      • Thornton or Getlzaf. That's tough. I have Getzlaf and I can say he's been lights out for me so far. I know Thornton's been great too. I'm hoping Getzlaf can regain his form from a few years ago. Probably Thornton though, just because he's been consistent his whole career. Getzlaf had a bad year last year and I could see him bounce back but is it a risk you really want to take?

        Eriksson or Pominville is another tough choice. I'd probably go with Eriksson though. Since goals are slightly more valuable than assists, I think that Eriksson has the potential to score more goals than Pominville. AND, he plays both wings which is really beneficial.

      • Thornton is less risky. Neither of them are goal-scorers, those rights are reserved for Marleau and Perry respectively.
        I'd take Pominville. Better goal scorer, Ericsson is the assist-man for Dallas.

    • Hi Duncan - I just posted a question about my team, any chance you could pls answer?

    • I was offered Lundqvist and Landeskog and i gotta send him back couture and neimi, who wins this trade?
      Its a points only league,
      Thanks in advance

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      • That's a sweet deal for you, do it. Lundqvist is the best fantasy goalie. Niemi is alright, but he struggles at times and Lundqvist would be a HUGE upgrade. Landeskog may be a slight downgrade from Couture, but not by much. Landeskog could put up 40 points this year..but since it's a points only league his hits are not valuable. I still think since you're getting Lundqvist in this trade you win it hands down.

    • Keith vs Kronwall now that Detroit has to rely on Kron?
      Wideman vs Kronwall?

      I'm trying to instigate a trade for Kronwall, cause I think he's gonna get massive pt production now that so many Detroit D are injured.

      • 1 Reply to Bruh
      • I still think Duncan Keith. Kronwall will get you more goals, but Keith with get you more points. It may be a good idea to go after him since he'll be playing more in Detroit, but I've never really seen him as an offensive defenseman. Keith plays on a high scoring, high skilled Chicago team and he's proven that he can rack up the points. Keith is your safe bet, and I believe that he will still be the better of the two D man this year.

    • they just moved Hagelin off of the main line. damn. i picked him up just because he was on main line. Ok, so then. Of these 3 which one is out Glencross (currently on first line and PP time)/Mueller (qualifies at both wings, on line with Huberdeau, which I also have, and has had 2 bad games in a row), with talent and bad concussion history/Hagelin (did well in playoffs and started year with Nash-Richards, but today got moved to Boyle line, eck). Also could drop one of these for Vermette or Grabner (both multi-postional). 2nd question, Fisher or Bozak, both are good faceoff men and on their teams' top line.

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      • I'd say Mueller is out, Hagelin has more upside even though he isn't playing on the top line right now. Glencross has been lighting it up and is seeing first line minutes on the Flames so I'd keep him around too. And I would go with Bozak, I think they're both pretty even at faceoffs but Bozak has more offensive upside. I would go with Vermette over Grabner. I think you should drop Mueller, he's never been that offensive and Vermette can get you 30-35 points this year if he has a good year.

      • ok, boedker is also out there and playing on first line. So pick 2 out of Boedker/Glencross/Vermette/Hagelin/Mueller AND either Fisher or Bozak. Thanks. My league has all stats (faceoffs/hits/blocks, average time on ice) and is roto league where the luck is taken out; i.e. best stats = best team.

    • what would you do to better this team?

      Goligoski, J.Schultz,Doughty,Lateng,Suter
      (ir) Kesler
      Niemi, Crawford, Miller

      FA based on %owned
      Subban, Yakupov, Parenteaue, Taresenko, Alffy
      Filppula, Wheeler, Vrbata, Fowler, McDonagh
      Purcel, Ladd, Huberdeau, E.Cole, White, Perron
      Ryder, McDonald

      Others: Steen, Kovalev, Clutterbuck, Robidas, Grabner, Fisher, Hemsky
      Goalies: Lindback, Theodore, Bobrovski, Nabokov

      Thank you.


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