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  • J J Jan 19, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    Niemi for Backstrom

    Niemi has more value than Backstrom, who has not produced at an elite level since 2008.

    It isn't too terrible either way, though.

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    • The guys accepted the trade. so none of you guys see Backstrom as legitimately better Niemi, eh? Even with the wild in better shape offensively and defensively then they were back when backstrom was considered elite in 2008? Not beefing on the sharks, but Backstrom feels like more of an upside then niemi...

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      • The difference is in how much you're willing to risk. You have a pretty good idea what to expect for Niemi and the Sharks. They have a strong team and will get a decent amount of wins, just as they have for most of the last decade. They will almost certainly have enough wins to land in their usual top 5 spot in the west (and not enough gusto to get them to a cup).

        The Wild may turn out to be a surprise with Parise and Suter, but it certainly isn't a sure thing. Moreover, as much as I do think the Wild will be measurably better than they were last year, I don't feel Parise and Suter are enough to make the Wild into any sort of powerhouse team. They may squeak into the playoffs, but I wouldn't bank on them being a top seed or anything. The Sharks will still have a deeper team overall imo.



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