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  • Conal Conal Jan 17, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    Seeking validation...please rate my team!

    12-team H2H. G,A, P, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, HIT // W, GAA, SV%, SO

    1. (3) Sidney Crosby (Pit - C)
    2. (22) Tuukka Rask (Bos - G)
    3. (27) Nicklas Backstrom (Was - C)
    4. (46) Jonathan Toews (Chi - C)
    5. (51) Martin St. Louis (TB - RW)
    6. (70) Antti Niemi (SJ - G)
    7. (75) Teemu Selanne (Anh - RW)
    8. (94) Alexander Semin (Car - LW,RW)
    9. (99) Chris Kunitz (Pit - LW)
    10. (118) Mike Ribeiro (Was - C)
    11. (123) Ray Whitney (Dal - LW)
    12. (142) Jakub Voracek (Phi - RW)
    13. (147) Anders Lindback (TB - G)
    14. (166) Kimmo Timonen (Phi - D)
    15. (171) Steve Ott (Buf - C,LW)
    16. (190) Alex Goligoski (Dal - D)
    17. (195) Chris Stewart (StL - RW)
    18. (214) Mikael Granlund (Min - C)
    19. (219) Brendan Smith (Det - D)
    20. (238) Luke Schenn (Phi - D)

    Thoughts? I'm not super excited about Antti Niemi as my No. 2, and I'm concerned that my team may be a little soft in the hits department. Clearly I'm banking on some older guys excelling due to the shorter schedule.

    Have at 'er!

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    • I like it. Be interesting to see if the older guys are better in the shorter season, or will it be tough on them with so many back 2 backs. I wouldn't worry about Niemi, I have him as my #2 in a league, and with the team he's on, he'll get plenty of wins, and the guy's had 6 shutouts each of the last 2 years.

      Defense is probably you're biggest weakness. Try to find a team loaded on D and see if you can make something happen.

    • Seems pretty good for a 12 team league! i think you should do fine, your top 15 look pretty solid and your later picks are definitely good picks considering where you picked them up!
      I also took into consideration the shortened year and tried to stay away from the really young players as its just added pressure now that every game is just that much more important. And also the injury prone guys i avoided (No crosby for me), just cause the sched is short. but overall good looking team

    • I'm not a fan of your choices, but most of it is just unvalidated preferential stuff.

      Like I am not sold enough on Rask to draft him (mostly due to his cost - second round pick). In a shortened season, good teams like Boston will have less patience than normal for an inconsistent goalie like Rask.

      I love Backstrom this year, but why did you reach for him then draft Toews with your next pick? You already had Crosby at center. Then you drafted Riberio with your 10th pick? Center is very deep and it will be hard for you to move any of these players for value.

      You definetly reached for Backstrom, Selanne, Semin, and Kunitz.

      You have plus goaltending. You have plus +/-. You need help with PIM, unless you plan on playing Ott the entire season.

      In a season with a lot of available quality Defence, you seemed to miss on that mark completely. You must have the 10th, 11th, or worst defence in your league.

      You will have to trade to improve.

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      • The other thing I agree with is the weakness on the PIM/HITS front. That I will have to address.

      • I appreciate your insight. Allow me to explain myself:

        *Goalies went quickly this year. By the time I drafted Rask, Lundqvist, Quick, Rinne, Fleury, and Miller had all been taken. I liked Rask as the fourth best option in the draft, so I was happy to get him when I did. I disagree with your opinion that he is "inconsistent". History shows anything but. Who else will Boston turn to?

        *Through the beginning and middle of the draft, I went for the best player available. That is how you wind up with the best team. Drafting for positional needs (other than goaltending) early on is a good way to leave a lot of talent on the table. This way, I can--as you suggest--trade from a position of strength for a position of weakness once the dust settles. I do agree, however, that Centre is the deepest position, and thus somewhat less valuable than LW/RW--however, our lineup has two C spots and three UTIL spots that would allow me to play up to 5 centres on any given night.

        *I'm always curious to hear different peoples' perspective on drafting defencemen. I think that it's a complete waste of time while there are still quality forwards on the table. There are a few "elite" defencemen in the league (that still put up far fewer points than the equivalent "elite" forward), but other than that, the vast majority of draftable fantasy defencemen will put up ~35-40pts a season. I find that I can get this type of player very late in the draft, or find him in the FA pool.

        Just my approach. Again, thanks for the input.

    • I like it...and i took the same approach in that I feel like with the shortened season you almost want to draft older/more experienced guys (hence my post just above yours fi you want to check out my team as well)

      But I think youll be surprised by Antii and hes on a good team .


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