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  • Calgary Shane Calgary Shane Jan 17, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    re: Schneider - Confirmed #1 for VAN?

    Morning everyone, I drafted last night, and have a cpl of concerns.

    Pt system - Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Penalty Minutes (PIM), Powerplay Goals (PPG), Powerplay Assists (PPA), Shots on Goal (SOG), Hits (HIT)

    Here's my team -
    C- Malkin
    C- Backstrom
    LW - Datsyuk
    LW - Vanek
    RW - Neal
    RW - Eriksson
    D- Pietrangelo, Yandle, Goligoski, Giordano
    Bench - Selanne, Marchand
    Goalies - Schneider, Crawford, Anderson, Lindback.

    I think my FWD's are solid, but, my D/Goalies are very questionable. (Anderson/Lindback were simply drafted as I wanted to make sure I had a cpl of other starters, in case things didn't pan out with Crawford and/or Schneider).

    Question - I've been offered Brian Elliott for Pietrangelo. The plan would be to make this move, and then deal him to another friend for Luongo. (He'll have the St. Louis goalies............and then I'll have both VAN goalies). I would then drop Lindback and pick up FA D-man.
    As you can see, my D is already weak, so is this worth the gamble to solidify my VAN goaltending? OR, should I just be patient, and leave my roster in tact (season hasn't even started!!)?

    My gut is telling me to do nothing for now and wait for the season to unfold. (This might be a blessing in disguise as Luongo could end up with my Leafs! lol)

    Thank you,


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    • That is a TERRIBLE trade and I would not even consider it.

      PIETRANGELO is a top 10 blue liner with upside. He was brilliant with little help from his defensive partners and there are those projecting he will improve on a fantastic 2012. In return, you are being offered a goalie that (at best) will be platooning with HALAK. By even the more conservative projections HALAK has the inside track to the Blues job and ELLIOTT is the back up.

      As for SCHNEIDER I would not be too worried. This offseason the Canucks signed him for $12 million over three years. He is their guy, and it is no league secret that they are shopping LUONGO. LUONGO might get a few starts to showcase his ability, but expect for him to get moved quickly, since the Canucks can not afford to pay two goalies like they are number one guys.

      If you are going to trade Pietrangelo, at least do it for a number one goalie. Something along the lines of Ward, Lehtonen or Price. .


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