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  • J J Jan 16, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    How's my team look?

    I don't like many of your choices.

    Almost all of your choices after Kovalchuk must have had better options on the board during the time you were drafting.

    You reached for Skinner something fierce though. You also reached for Pominville. Worst you have like 6 players on your team with negative +/- ratings. In fact, Streit had a -27 in 2012.

    So not a fan, but who knows, I'm the peanut gallery and it is still early.

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    • Ya, the +/- category's a bit rough and I'm worried about Burns on D if he's still hurt from last season. I compared to the other teams a bit last night and figure I'm about in the middle of the pack on paper. Trying to figure out where to try and make a move.


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