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  • Jason G Jason G Jan 16, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

    Doughty trade

    I say team A.

    Doughty if healthly can produce way more than boyle, boyle is getting old, and plays on a downward spiraling sharks team.

    With it only being half a season and a healthy St.louis team, withe the likes of perron and McDonald back, Stewart is in the best shape of his life and will be a factor in the blues playoff run this year.

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    • Yeah, your points are dumb - no offense.

      Blue liners tend to age well because their skill set doesn't seem to regress in the same way a forwards does. Les emphasis on speed and agility, more on positioning and shooting. Chelios, Bourque and Lidstrom played well into their 40s. Boyle has shown zero signs of regression. Also he took over 100 shots more than Doughty (versus his career high). ONE HUNDRED.

      Stewart is on the third line for the Blues. He won't be playing with Perron or McDonald. Fleishmann on the other hand is on the first line. He gets more minutes and had almost 30 goals and 60 points last season. The two are not even close.

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      • In my league, I think Doughty/Stewart is the better side. We don't count SOG and I like the upside of Doughty over Boyle, and the Kings over the Sharks. As for Stewart vs. Fleischmann...Fleischmann seems likely to get more PP time and offensive opportunities, but Stewart will provide help in the PIM category. I took Stewart as a late round flier in my league because I'm gambling on a return to the power-forward form that he had showed up until last season, and because the Blues are a fantastic team that tend to spread ice time fairly evenly amongst their top 9 forwards. The Panthers, on the other hand, are far less likely to succeed--and I'd be surprised if their top line could replicate last year's numbers.


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