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  • oknom oknom Jan 13, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    First Pick in Keeper

    I dont have a starting goalie and 4/10 teams did not keep a goalie. Im picking first, so if I dont take a goalie now then Im not seeing one for another 18 picks. Goalies that have been KEPT and are GONE:

    M. Smith

    Goalies that I am honestly considering taking first overall in a keeper:


    I'd of course be taking Crosby, Malkin, etc if they were available. Forwards who are available are good but goalie is a big need at the moment. But some of the available forwards for info's sake:

    St Louis

    Ill answer your questions if you help.

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    • I'd go with Seguin.

      Lu would be a fantastic pick if he ends up in Philly, but I'm doubtful that'll happen. Howard isn't worth it over Seguin imo. Price is fantastic, but the Habs aren't going anywhere. Seguin stands to be a stud this year and going forward.

    • stack your forwards first and mby go with Ryan or Seguin.
      you can go for another goalie much later since there are only 10 teams.
      Mby Kipper, Hiller, Dubnyk, Backstrom or Theodore

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      • Not sure about the math as you have listed 7 goalies that are gone. Anyways, for peace of mind, Howard is still a solid option. I would go in assuming that at least 3 teams are going to draft a goalie first, and probably more in the second round. You are probably going to see that even teams that already have a solid starting goalie will draft a very good second one because they are later in the first round anyways. So if you draft a forward first be prepared to have limited selection come the later rounds. In my opinion I'd draft Howard before any of those forwards mentioned anyways.


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