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  • Brandon Brandon Jan 9, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Help with Best Draft Strategy

    Hello all. I am coming here for help. This is my first year doing Fantasy Hockey and I have no idea where to begin with my draft. I have tried doing Mock Drafts, but the format and positions are so different. My league is Head to Head 10 man league. Teams are C, RW, LW, F, F, D, D, G, G, and 9 Bench. With so few starting positions and so many bench, what should be my strategy out of the gate? Do i go elite goal with my 1st/2nd round? Do I go after that elite D player early? Does it even matter? With the format the way it is? What would you do to get ahead on this short season?

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    • 1. draft young players with major upside
      2. don't second guess yourself on moves
      3. always look for improvements

    • if you have an early pick go with a stud like stamkos or giroux. if you pick later, i would go 1st pick top goalie option(lundqvist). i always draft a stud dman in 1 of the early rounds as well.

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      • Ok, great stuff. KEEP IT COMING! So I am getting mixed opinions on Dman early. One guy says never before round 6 while another say try and get a stud early. Interesting. I want to know more. Can anyone look at how my league is setup and tell me the best way to go about my whole draft? I want help with the draft not the entire season. Who are the later round sleepers I should be looking for?

    • Never draft a D-man before Round 6.

    • Don't worry about positions too much when you're drafting because position eligibility gets added throughout the season (ie C,LW,RW) but recognize you want to be as strong as possible with your starters...your bench will change a lot, especially in H2H....don't get married to guys either...it hurts you in trading and when you should be dropping someone to pick up a good wire player.

    • I draft Dmen late as well. Some people will tempt with Karlsson, but I'd need to see him get those numbers for more than one year before I opted for an early Dman (see Mike Green).

      In a 10man league, I would probably opt for a round 6 Dman choice. They don't need to be super pt producers either. Find some with good P/M, PIM, Hits, etc. If they happen to be on their team's PP, even better.

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      • Also, that 9 player bench will quickly become pointless. You don't have enough slots per night to make it worthwhile to have that size of a bench. If you can secure a good two solid players per position, you'll be able to experiment a little bit with the rest of the bench warmers (e.g. grabbing players with huge upsides that may go late because they're unproven).


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