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  • HockeyPoolFan HockeyPoolFan Nov 22, 2012 1:34 PM Flag

    Dynasty Trade Advice

    Personally, I wouldn't make this trade considering how young your team is, you aren't going to be super competative, even with the addition of these guys, it will actually set you back.

    Looking at your stats here are Pavelski's numbers the last 3 years, as he is the only real value you are getting in this deal, personally I'd stay away from Steen. Yes you'll get yourself a 4 time 20 goal scorer and he'll more than likely do it again but his other stats aren't top of the league by any means, they are about average.

    G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, HITs
    31, 30, 18, 31, 18, 50
    20, 46, 10, 24, 28, 61
    25, 26, 1, 26, 13, 58

    If it means anything, Dobber has him at 52 out of the top 100 players in regards to a Roto league, just behind fellow teammates Thornton, Boyle, Clowe and Couture which often is helpful when looking at all the categories you have for Head to head. But this also shows where he falls against the guys he plays with.

    Desharnais had 60 points last year on a horrible Habs team and 20 PPP, he's bound to match that or be very close next season as he's become a go to guy with the club, with many more years in him. PIMs he had 24 and +/- a 10 so not far off. The only exception will be the hits stat, even then he had 33 which is respectable.

    Then he's looking to get Downie from you? Sure, Downie suffers a lot from Games played, but when he does play and when he's in a Head to Head league, he usually helps a lot. He won't usually wow you in the points or +/- area, but his Hits and PIMs make him one of the best in that category when you are able to dress him. And if he does get points that night, it's a bonus. Guys like him are worth a lot in these leagues and I wouldn't move him.

    Leddy played his 1st full season last year, has been considered one of the more offensive guys in Hawks system and he's young. His 37 points last year and 67 hits should improve, along with his +/- and PP time. PIM's aren't his thing though as he only had 10.

    Jake Gardiner though, he's a question. People expect him to be the next big quarter back on the PP for the laughs. He should improve on his 30 points, and you can expect his 52 hits to increase as that's another thing this big defender is known for, which means he'll more than likely double or triple his 18 PIMs from last year. He will always suffer from a bad +/- though.

    So I'd wait and watch these guys develope as you'll likely get production of close match out of two of them.

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