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  • Linzman Linzman Oct 17, 2012 3:34 PM Flag

    accept giroux trade?

    Are you all retarded? TAKE IT AND RUN!!!!

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    • Look, there are 7 skater categories in his league and 4 goalie categories. Yahoo has Niemi vastly underrated, and Callahan is a beast across all categories. Giroux is a great player, but you have to ask yourself -- is he worth a top-ten goalie and a second-line cross-category beast? Jokinen isn't going to be winning any awards anytime soon, so he's sort of a cheap add-on to a Giroux for Niemi & Callahan trade. I admit that I can understand the rationale for making the deal, but I wouldn't do it. To put it in perspective, I was recently made an offer of Mikko Koivu and Alex Semin for Niemi alone. I took it...but only because I had three other starters. You can't undervalue the quality starters, and regardless of Yahoo's ranking, Niemi is probably a top-ten netminder.

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      • Top ten goalie?? Niemi? REALLY??? I don't think so. I wouldn't call Callahan a BEAST in all categories. He may contribute steadily to MORE categories, but aside from PIM and Hits (I"m just guessing here, didn't look at last years stats), Giroux owns Callahan in the other five. Niemi is NOT a top ten goalie. Underrated? Perhaps, but nowhere near top 10. As for Jokinen I would drop him and grab him from someone in FA. Teams only have 17 players each, 14 teams yes, but I'm sure there's someone better then Jokinen in FA, and that's the player you need to add to the deal, the one you're swapping out for Jokinen. Might be a big PIM/hits guy in FA that would make up what you lose from Callahan and don't make up with Giroux. Koivu AND Semin for Niemi? You ripped him HARD! Don't over value Niemi.

      • LMAO!!!! REALLY? ANYtime! Every league I've been in I've finished among the top of the standings (regular season). Obviously you're the one that has no idea #$%$ you're talking about. Ask anyone who knows anything about hockey, Niemi is NOT a top ten tender in the league.

    • I'd love to have this guy Linzman in my league. He is probably the worst evaluator of fantasy hockey talent I've seen in years on this board.


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