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  • Shaun Shaun Oct 18, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    Just Drafted

    I think dropping Galchenyuk and picking up Varlamov isn't a bad idea. I have a feeling that the Habs won't rush him to the NHL. He's got a lot of skill, but when you consider that Montreal is generally a more defensive team (though we'll see if that changes under Therrien), Galchenyuk likely doesn't have a ceiling much higher than 35 points or so. Varly isn't a great goaltender, and might wind up doing tandem duty with Giguere, but he can fill out your league's GP and can go on hot streaks. I always try to have one more starter than I really need in my leagues, since the weight of goaltending stats is usually a bit out of proportion with the rest.

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    • I'm hoping Varly gets more of the starts this year as Giguere is another year older and it's Varly's 2nd year in Colorado so more familiarity with the team/setting etc. I also think the Avs will improve on last year, maybe not that much, but enough to even boost his numbers. I think it's worth the risk to drop Galchenyuk for him.

      I messaged one guy in my league that I did a lot of trading with last year and he's interested in Vrbata, now I just have to figure out what I can get in return.

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      • Yeah, most folks seem to think that Vrbata is in for a drop-off...and I would agree, but by that same token, it's probably not going to be a *massive* drop-off. He's still capable of 25 goals and 50 points overall. He'll also get ample PP time etc., since there really aren't many offensive options on Phoenix. They're even thinner up front now than they were last year. Bottom line is...trade him if you can get a solid performer in return, but as it stands, he's not a bad bench option.

      • So my Vrbata for Lupul trade has been accepted. Fairly happy with that, don't think I could have done too much better. Also like that Lupul has LW eligibility as well as RW. My waiver pick up of Varlamov for Galchenyuk also went through. Pretty happy with these moves, now we just need some damn hockey!!! :@

      • Looking at the other guy's team, realistically, the best I think I can do for him would be to get Lupul. I'm partial to Lupul as I drafted him last year and until he got hurt, he helped carry my team. Coyotes lost Whitney which should bring Vrbata's numbers down somewhat, but as long as Lupul plays with Kessel, I think he'll be quite productive. Vrbata for Lupul? Thumbs up or down? lol


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