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  • Mike Mike Oct 17, 2012 3:46 PM Flag

    Just Drafted

    Hey Steve - pretty solid team there. I especially like your goaltending. Backes & Callahan are really solid picks; you'll end with a lot of cross-category value from them.

    I'm not a big fan of the Vrbata pick as I feel he is headed downward next season.

    Beware of trying to predict +/- of players. There are studies out there that show it can only be done with about 60% accuracy (that's not much better than a coin flip).

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    • With Quick I'll always like my goaltending more than likely. I traded for Niemi last year among many others trades I made (Got H. Sedin, E. Staal and Pominville via trades as well for next to nothing) and he helped me win me league and playoffs. Not sure why yahoo has him ranked in the 160's right now. I personally have him rated better than a lot of the goalies ranked ahead of him.

      I'm a big Callahan fan. I could see him improving on last years numbers and he helps me in hits which is something I struggled in last year. Many of the guys I drafted improve me in that area. Backes was a tough pick, it was either him or Bobby Ryan. I chose Backes obviously, we'll see how that turns out.

      Vrbata was one of my later picks, 192 overall I believe so didn't waste much on him. gonna try to trade him, see if I can get anything as I'm fairly deep at RW now.

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      • I think dropping Galchenyuk and picking up Varlamov isn't a bad idea. I have a feeling that the Habs won't rush him to the NHL. He's got a lot of skill, but when you consider that Montreal is generally a more defensive team (though we'll see if that changes under Therrien), Galchenyuk likely doesn't have a ceiling much higher than 35 points or so. Varly isn't a great goaltender, and might wind up doing tandem duty with Giguere, but he can fill out your league's GP and can go on hot streaks. I always try to have one more starter than I really need in my leagues, since the weight of goaltending stats is usually a bit out of proportion with the rest.


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