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  • DiehardOil DiehardOil Sep 30, 2012 4:38 PM Flag

    Drafted 13th ended up with this team how did I do?

    Thanks for the advice Terry. Yeah Schneider was I gamble but I had planned to take 2 other goalies fairly early. Plus if this season gets going I expect Van. to trade Lou and Schneider to get the starting job.....plus if that doesnt happen I know I can trade him(for a good return) to one of the other owners in my league he's a sucker for Van players and would love him as a backup.

    Forgot all about that about Meszaros grrrrrrr......gonna to see if I can do something about that....if not I'll be keeping a close eye on him and acting accordingly.

    Would it be worth trading some offense for defense help?

    Thanks again for the advice.

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    • I don't know if I'd start making trades this early. Niskanen is pretty run of the mill and not a big hitter. My sleeper choice for

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      • Its not a trade. Niskanen is on waviers(no one drafted him). He also pretty comparable to Meszaros. Meszaros is a bit better but only if he doesnt struggle and gets his 20mins of ice time a night. Considering Philly got Schenn from the Leafs I doubt Meszaros gets the same ice time as last year. Been doing some research this afternoon :).

    • oops, didn't mean to post yet.

      My sleeper choice for a late round D this year is Eric Gustafsson from Philly. I watched him play in college and with Pronger and Meszaros out and Timmonen getting older he could really surprise a lot of people. Wait until the season starts, put Meszaros on IR then pick up a replacement.


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