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  • Pete Pete Sep 13, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    Farm draft - pls rank these young Gs

    How would you guys rank these Gs concidering upside, situation and readyness?

    Bachmann, Irving, Hackett, Poulin, Khudobin


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    • Bachmann: upper level talent, solid team, great showing in few NHL games. Lehtonen is the clear #1 when healthy, but faced some issues staying so.. has a chance to take it over if Lehtonen goes down.

      Irving: Kipper will have to play a lot if Calgary wants to make the POs. Irving gets a chance to take over the Flames when Kipper retires...but this may take time and even if Irving plays well I dont see him to be a good FH option in the near future

      Hackett: good talent, but might only have a chance to play if Harding or Backstrom gets injured...and only as backup. good guy, just better goalies up fron

      Poulin... Islanders... you never know what happens there. avoid him

      Khudobin should get the backup job in Boston. never saw him play, but Rask...and Tuuka will run away with this for years.


      1) Bachmann - he will be a NHL goaltender
      2) Irving - good chance to end up with an NHL career
      3) Hackett - lot of talent up front
      4) Khudobin - If he gets the job as a backup, he will play on a good team
      5) Poulin - I think not even the Islanders know who will be playing there ...

      I consider only Bachmann and Irving for keepers with little value know, but may end up just solid. the rest has nearly no value for FH.


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